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Why do people care? I see a lot of homophobia on this site and even in the world at large.

I don't understand it. Can someone shed some light on this? It's not like you can actually catch gay, the gay people I know don't force their "lifestyle" on others. Hell, most of the gay people I know are pretty normal (i.e. not "Hey look at me! I'm gay!").

If your problem is with the "loud and proud" ones, maybe stand back and think about why they feel the need to be "loud and proud"?

Just to inject some humor into this thread: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RqESVHhzeyU

But in all seriousness, can someone explain it to me? What did the homos do to you that you have to be so afraid of them?


I feel your pain - it's sad to see that while other forms of discrimination have been pushed back substantially and are regularly challenged here, homophobic comments still seem to be seen as acceptable.

Well, we shouldn't forget that we have many young men here who often feel the need to assert their masculine gender role they perceive to be expected to play. And of course we've got some older gents here who still carry the bad old days' misconceptions regarding homosexuality.

In the next few pages you'll most probably will see displays of both, ranging from insecure teenagers proclaiming 'no homo' and the 'catching of the ghey'; the 'I'm ok as long as the gays don't push it in my face or hit on me'; to the crazy conspiracy crowd who'll try to convince you that it's morally/religiously wrong to be gay, it represents a danger to society as a whole, the 'gay agenda' has taken over the media/the APA/science/the planet - and of course that homophobia is not the correct term as of course no one here is afraid of anything - just repulsed. Someone will start posting NARTH, Lyndon LaRouche, and some crazy ex-gay website trying to prove the point and go pretty much against the scientific consensus on the topic, which will lead to a backlash from a number of more liberal posters and little old moi.

In the end, we'll stand where we were in the beginning: well, perhaps, if we're lucky, one of the insecure teenage posters will find a way not to base his understanding of manhood on hating/fearing what is just a little bit different. And that may just be worth it. So, I guess, once more on to the breach, dear friends...



I hope so. Because I know that a lot of the posers on this site a less worthy to be called men than most gay guys.

I know I for one pull out the "you got teh ghey" card a lot, but I hope people take that for what it is: a joke. Nothing more, nothing less.

It's when I see comments like "If we ever have an openly gay President... I will raise my American flag to half-staff and go into mourning for my country...What sort of abomination would be next?" that I think to myself... 'Hey wait a minute, that's going beyond a joke. That's actually pretty bigoted'.


Nothing wrong with jokes - and some 'you got teh ghey' comments are quite funny. The best jokes tend to be un-PC, and that's cool IMO. It's the hatred (normally caused by fear, hence the term) that sometimes comes up that bothers me.



To be fair, the 'openly gay president = half-mast time' statement was made by Headhunter, and nobody should take anything he says seriously.

I agree that discrimination based upon sexual orientation is inappropriate, the same as race, gender, and religious beliefs. More than inappropriate, it's stupid.

I will not attempt to provide a reason why homophobia has become so accepted in our internet culture. It just is.

I like the potential for humor in the 'teh ghey' comments, but when I get serious, I recognize it really enforces the beliefs that homosexuality is correlated with weakness and lameness. Which is bad, but I still do it.

On the whole, I stand to the side of the issue. The whole 'that's gay' thing is gonna last until it goes out of vogue. At which point it'll change to something else.

Such is life.


I respectfully disagree here. I think the jokes do harm.

Not a moral equivalent but something I think is similar is the use of the N-word REGARDLESS of who uses it.

Gay jokes (and using the N-word) are a pejorative
because being gay is stigmatized and because of the derogatory history of the N-word.


This is true to an extent, but all the "ghey" jokes usually are directed at stigmatizing effeminate behavior in men.

I make a TON of gay jokes around gay people. The only ones with a problem are the insecure ones. But they get pretty offended at outright insults, which is what I'm trying to discuss here. I see posts written that seem very hostile for no reason other than:

i) religious bigotry, or
ii) outright stupidity


Just curious, Makavali --- are you gay?

Anyway, people are homophobic because homosexuality is anti-life. Life is meant to expand, to grow, to break down barriers and develop new thoughts. Part of that is having children. It is NOT from taking it up the pooper from some stranger you picked up in a bar.

Being truly gay means that you don't have kids. That means nature fucked up in your wiring. Life begets life. Life attacks the anti-life...and that's where healthy instincts like homophobia come from.

All the best!


No, I'm not gay, but I don't see the point in attacking gay people. It's hardly healthy to be promoting a culture of hate.

How many women take it up the pooper from some stranger in a bar? Should I hate on them?


Contradict much?


Mhhh...you're born with black skin whereas you choose where to stick your cock.

We make fun of women who sleep around. We make fun of men who never got laid. We make fun of wankers. Why should homosexuals not be made fun of? Especially in a world where people use opposite gender characteristic to insult people (e.g: you throw like a girl, you're built like a lumberjack, etc.)

It is unrealistic to expect sexual orientation jokes to stop when gender jokes are still around. The two are inextricably tied.


Unproven at the moment. There are some studies confirming a genetic link and others trashing said link.

Good point.


This is a joke post right? Like some kind of parody of ignorance. Man I sure hope so.


Why is that point of view ignorant?


I don't agree with homosexuality, but I also don't go out of my way to slur them either. Their life, their choice.

I personally find gay jokes funny, just like I find race, gender, creed, religion, and whatever else crude jokes someone has that makes me laugh.

I guess some of you all don't like blonde jokes either? Oh, they weren't ever oppressed so it's ok!


I'm not sure it's a choice. If it is, it doesn't strike me as an easy choice to make.

I know it's unrealistic to think that they'll go away, but it doesn't change the fact that the jokes can be damaging. At the very least they give permission to those around that being homophobic will be tolerated.


What? Are you some kind of fag?




I guess the thing is being black isn't a flaw. Be it either genetically or psychologically, I don't think you can deny being gay is a flaw.

I look at it like a handicap. I would not make fun of a handicapped person, but I would not want blind people to be allowed to drive.


I don't know about that. There have been numerous arguments about some social reason for homosexuals and blah blah. My point is that there seems to be this hate directed at them for no real reason.