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I need help with 2 questions on my high school physics homework. Hopefully all you T-geniuses out there can help.

First Problem: Mike is 12 meters from the bus and is running towards the bus at a constant 4.0 m/s. If the bus accelerates away from the bus stop at 0.8 m/s^2, can Mike catch the bus? If so, where?

Second Problem: Emily is on top of a 28 meter tall building. She drops a ball from rest at the instant that Joe throws a ball up from the ground at 18 m/s. Do the balls cross paths? If so, where do they cross?

When answering, please show all work.(equation, substitution, etc.)

Basically these are the only formulas we're allowed to use:
D=Vit + 1/2at^2

Where Vf is final velocity. Vi is initial velocity. a is acceleration. t is time. D is distance. V is velocity.

Thanks in advance


Do you use the GUESS method? That always seems to help me.



Let me give some advice. Teachers don't earn much. Casually offer a bribe for an A. Economics is always the greatest science.


My AP biology teacher used to do this fun thing where if you didn't know the answer, he'd give you a couple points for drawing a silly picture.

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He also might have a voice bubble that says 'I'm too sexy for this homework.'


You have the formulas man...work this yourself.

Its good for you.....


Haha no idea if this is serious or not. That would be nice though


And we havnt learned the guess method btw.


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I drew a apple for my biomechanics test question and got 2 marks.


I drew a cowboy that said 'Howdy' on my final.

I tried writing a poem for my chemistry teacher.

He wrote 'Are you kidding me?' in the margin.

I got no points.


I'll give you the answers, but first you need to need to give me your thoughts on the incompressible flow of Newtonian fluids.


Haha I love watching the shows on string theory and cosmology. I walked into the class thinking it would be like that. Turns out its basically just a math class, except you have to learn like 3 new subjects everyday and the teacher goes way too fast....Im taking AP as a junior fwiw


That is fucking highschool homework?

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God I'm glad I didn't put more effort in, that shit looks hard.


First Problem
DB=1/2 * .8 t^2
12+4t-.4t2 = 0
.4t^2 - 4t -12=0
t=12.42 seconds
49.68 m


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Oh and this stuff isn't hard....I did it and haven't seen a math problem in years


Thank you


This is wrong.


Mike starts 12 metres behind the bus, so it should be 4t - 12, not +12.

So the quadratic will be: 0.4t^2 - 4t + 12 = 0

You can simplify this to: t^2 - 10t + 30 = 0

Then you can work out the solutions by completing the square or using the quadratic formula.

but remember, if:

b^2 - 4ac < 0

then there are no real solutions.


Wrong. Psychology is:

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