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Homeopathic HCG?


I only found one thread on it here and it seemed ...inconclusive. Some people thought it was a scam but most people hadn't heard about it.
I was just searching online for HCG and to my surprise there were dozens of these sites selling liquid HCG. I read about it briefly but would like to know if anyone can refute their claims. From one of the sites:

Q: What is the difference between homepathic HCG and HCG injections?

A: The hcg we sell is homeopathic. The way the homeopathic hcg is produced (in a nutshell) is by taking small amounts of the original strength hcg and making it into a sublingual mixture which is administered under the tongue. The homeopathic version is then taken 3 to 6 times a day to keep the amount of hcg in your body constant. We have many clients who have tried both versions, and report no differences between the two (except ours is cheaper!).

Q: Why does this not have to be refrigerated?

A: This HCG does not have to be refrigerated because it is made in the homeopathic method and mixed with 16% usp alcohol as part of its liquid medium. The alcohol acts as a preservative and keeps the HCG active and effective. If you are not going to use an open bottle of HCG for a few days or several weeks, you should place the bottle in the refrigerator to hold its potency over longer periods.

I'm extremely skeptical especially since it's being marketed as a fat-loss supp. Regardless, I'm still planning on injecting hcg if I decide go that route.


How much medical science from the 1700's do you trust in now? Homeopathy has no scientific basis and no supporting medical studies that prove it's efficacy past the placebo effect.

If they said that their solution was diluted to 1/6 strength and you took that sublingually then fine, however homeopathy tends to dilute FAR more than that, the goal essentially being to dilute the original active ingredient to the point where there is essentially none in each dose. The point? I don't know, it was invented in the late 1700's.

Remain skeptical. Buy the real deal. Read about Homeopathy and come to your own conclusions.


As far as homeopathy goes - by their own definition, the more DILUTED, the more POTENT it is. Completely retarded. It's absolute trash and has no actual scientific base behind it.


and thats the sound of alarm bells going off


What HCG? It's a bottle of water with some preservatives in it.


As someone who has used HCG, I can say it works. I used the hcg along with Dr. Simeons Protocol. I lost 20ibs in 24 days, with few to none of the weight being muscles mass


Have you tried the same protocol, the same way, without the HCG product?

Actually I do absolutely believe that if intending to go on extreme calorie restriction (500 cal/day) men will find an advantage to injectable HCG due to resulting maintenance of normal testosterone, whereas without the HCG testosterone drops badly under such conditions.

As for sublingual HCG, let alone homeopathic: I don't think this has ever been demostrated to increase testosterone or produce detectable blood levels of HCG.


per the fda




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