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Homemade Weight Vest


I found this link that teaches how to make a homemade weight harness (ctrl f weight harness)

however i cannot seem to figure out what exactly he does. so far all i figured out was he gets webbing, singes the ends, puts the pipes inside, and i am lost after that. i do not see how you get weights to stay on when so far all there is is just a line of webbing with 2 pipes in it.
sample pic of what i refer to: = are the webbings, :: are the piping


if anyone has any clues, please add to thread.


pretty cool site u shared. i been wanting to make a dipping bar for home, thanks


The webbing is tied in a loop, larks head knots are used to hold the weights


I am not trying to belittle anyone but you can pick up a decent weight vest for $50-$60. Just save up your beer money and you can purchase a new one.


i kind of suspected this, thanks. thought there might be a more sophisticated way of doing so, since it looks like larks head knots would be bulky to deal with (putting on and taking off larger weights).

are there any simple buckles to attach the weight plates i can utilize without sewing (lack thicker needle/thread + safety of sewing for strength)? i was thinking d-ring belts might work.