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Homemade Weight Releasers


Has anyone made their own? or seen a website explaining how to make em? I dont have $125 to spend or else i'd get em from elitefts...


I have a pair of weight releasers I rigged up. I used some wood blocks to make the base and a pipe and floor flange for the arm. This probably doesn't make any sense so I'll post some pics later.


Should be pretty easy to make. Just get some threaded pipe from the HW store and piece together something that will tip over and release when the bar gets to the lower position. You just need to get the correct angled coupler at the top to get it to tip the right way. it should almost be half tipped while hanging on the bar.

Threaded pipe can be used to make a bunch of cool shit. I used it to piece together a t-bar row contraption with max range of motion and a Rev Hyper attachment for my rack. Also made a forearm lever with an angle that kept tension at the top where a straight pipe would almost completly deload.


Even easier.


Please post pics when you get a chance! Thanks!


As far as measurements go...could i use this for the squat as well as the bench? or would i have to make 2 separate pairs? trying to visualize the height of the bottom of a squat and bench


Sorry, forgot about this. I'll post some tomorrow.


OK, pics...

First of all, I could have probably constructed them better, but I made them mostly with stuff I had lying around.

It's just a block of wood with some smaller blocks attached to make the "tipping point". A pipe is attached to the wood with a floor flange and I made a hook out of some bookshelf L's.




Here's a pic of it hanging. I purposely kept the hook hanging adjustable, so I could use it for squats and bench. I've had up to 60 pounds on each arm (120 pounds total) and it's held fine. I'm sure it could be constructed to hold more weight but I can't imagine going much heavier for weight releasers.


Wow...impressive and creative. Thanks for your help, we'll see what i come up with. The clamps allow the adjustment in height, correct?


Yes. It takes two clamps to hold it in place, but it works. And I can adjust height for different lifters and from bench to squat.


Thought this was going to be about homemade fiber supplements.


How much would you be willing to spend? I have some weight releasers from Elite that I never use. I'd be willing to make you a deal.



PM'ed you....thanks


Todd, how do you like the weight releasers? Do you feel they helped? If so, how, exactly?


I probably wasn't consistent enough to see real results. I didn't really know how to add them into any kind of program. I've never read much about them, but I suppose the idea is explosiveness here. You know -- prepare to lift the heavier weight that is being lowered and then explode up with the much lower weight. I guess in that sense, they could be thrown in on dynamic or speed days, but I don't really do either.

I originally made them so I could do a few heavy negatives on the bench without a spotter -- and they work great for that. I tried them on squats and I do remember liking them at the time. With bench, it just felt like I was lowering a heavy weight and pressing a lighter weight. I didn't "feel" explosive. But on squats, I felt more explosive. I'm thinking because it's so much more of a full-body lift, and keeping tension throughout the body resulted in more pop at the bottom.

(It also could be that, on squats, I used a total weight (bar weight + releasers) of less than my 1RM, as opposed to bench where I mostly used a greater than 1RM load.)

A nice side effect of using these for squatting is hitting depth. If it's set up properly, the releasers won't pop off if you don't go deep enough.

I guess this was just a long way of saying I don't have a good answer for you, Kevin. I wasn't consistent enough and didn't use them for an extended period of time. I also don't really know what kind of loads you should ideally be using.

I actually forgot I made them until I saw this thread. Maybe I'll give them a more fair run sometime soon. If anybody can point me to some articles or offer suggestions on how to best use these things, I'd appreciate it.


Thanks for the input. I'm away this weekend, but I'll look through some of the old EliteFTS manuals I have, I think i seem to remember a cycle (or cycles) using weight releasers, probably DE cycles.