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Homemade Weight Gain Drinks

I’m looking to basically make a homemade weight gainer. I’m looking for a method of basically making a really high calorie beverage that I could make quickly with a blender/juicer of some sort. Taste is totally taking a back seat on this one. I’d like for it to be healthy though and not violate the Berardi/Lowery idea of mixing carbs with fats, and also not have a huge glycemic load.

1 cup of milk
60ml of coconut Milk
30 ml of olive oil

1 cup of rolled oats uncooked
60 gms chocolate protein powder
6-10 ice cubes

1 cup of soaked oats
400ml skim milk
1 tablespoon of cottage cheese
30g of protein
1 banana
1 tablespoon peanut butter

what about adding some eggs?

and one cup of Grow!

If its going to be home made then adding whey or Grow! or something is not on track.

If you are willing to use a powdered supplement which would probably be cheaper and more effective in the long run, just mix a whey blend or Grow! or something with whole milk. You can then chuck some oils in. Might taste like shit with olive oil and stuff in it, be aware.

If you want purely homemade, first of all, I don’t recommend using raw eggs, and cooked eggs in a shake will be rank.

A good clean bulking blend that won’t taste like the slime that oozes out of rubbish (garbage) bags in kitchens, would be as follows :

2 cups of Milk preferably whole and maybe organic / filtered.

Equiv of 2 eggs worth of pasteurised liquid egg. You can get in in a container from supermarket.

4 Tablespoons skimmed milk powder

2 tablespoons natural yoghurt (Greek yoghurt is higher in protein btw)

1 tablespoon lecithin granules

1 ripe banana

1 cup of strawberries or other berries.

Other fruit could be blueberries or similar. You can buy bags of frozen berries all year round, just make sure you don’t do what I do and destroy your blender so make sure they are defrosted.

That lot above should give about 55-60 g protein and the calorific value is variable depending on the milk and yog used.

My advice is buy some Grow! or something and mix whole milk with it, in fact you could mix something similar in a bowl with yoghurt and oatmeal that’s what I’ve been known to do. Particularly if you don’t like the feeling of liquid sloshing round your guts.

[quote]Victor Lustig wrote:
and cooked eggs in a shake will be rank.

i can confirm that cooked eggs in drinks is a no no, was like eating a liquid hangover fart. never again…

i usually thrown in a blender what everyone has already stated.

Yup, whey, milk, natty pb, oats, and some flax…whatever amounts you want depending on your macros…some splenda might make things better also…

Chocalate protein powder and peanut butter. It tastes good, has lots of calories, healthy fat and magnesium. All natural peanut butter is probably more healthy.

1 cup whole milk, 1cup oats, 2 scoops whey [I use ON] 1 banana and 1 scoop natty pb. belnd and enjoy.

OJ…Banana…Cottage Cheese…Strawberry Yogurt…and some Vanilla Whey

This thread is a textbook case of needing a Muscle Recipe section on this site. Seriously. I’ve seen shit before like Muscle Muffins, stuff to make fish and chicken less boring, etc. I’ve used the variations of the “poor man” drink that is posted on this thread, and they will definitely add some fast mass on you. I like the one posted with cottage cheese, milk, yogurt, eggs, and whatever tastes like vanilla (protein powder or extract) and some frozen berries in place of ice cubes. Awesome drink. Use with caution or become a fatass.

What the hell? Most of these recipes suggest fruits and stuff with no calories at all! I thought he wanted a “Weight Gainer” drink? I think AlphaBoy and Bundy are the only two that got that message with the Oats and Coconut Milk. Everthing else is what Richard Simmins would drink, or that old guy with the JuiceMan Juicer! There something I would drink if I were to trying to cut. Looks like they only have 100-200 calories in them, if that!

Ugh, I tried cooked eggs+extra vir. olive oil+2% milk+protein… Thought I was going to HAVE A HANGOVER! I couldn’t even get it all down.
I currently just put natural pb in my protein shakes. The pb sticks in clumps though so, meh.

[quote]PlateStacker45 wrote:
Looks like they only have 100-200 calories in them, if that![/quote]

30 grams of protein has 120 calories by itself, not counting the other stuff. Heck 60 grams has 240 calories!

But your point is well taken.

[quote]dead lead wrote:
i can confirm that cooked eggs in drinks is a no no, was like eating a liquid hangover fart. never again.[/quote]

I pity you for having eaten a liquid hangover fart. Children should never have to go through that.

Mr. T says: Drink plenty of whole milk!

I would put in 50 grams of protein with protein powder, vanilla ice cream, and heavy cream. This is a weight gainer not your healthy protein shake.

Pick up some Grow!, just use less. Try only one scoop and throw in additional stuff to make up for loss of calories, like peanutbutter, olive oil. There are so many variations and options just do a search.

Damn,when I’m bulking I don’t always have time to make these kinda shakes,although they sound great.I just go to the store and buy a shit-load of organic 2% milk and drink it all day,lol.

always go with chocolate Grow!, peanut butter, milk, and maybe a banana blended together. Pretty much a delicous milkshake.

I actually found one on my own and it’s really awesome.

1 serving of vanilla protein powder
1 serving of mixed berries
1 serving of full fat whipping cream
1 serving of milk
1 serving of walnuts

There’s over 700 calories in this drink alone and no carbs except the low GI ones from the berries.