Homemade Surge

Hey, for those of you who have tried the real Surge please stand up…oh, I mean, does it stay in your stomach for quite some time? I have been making my own rendition and it seems to stay in my stomach for about 2-3 hours after I take it. Is this normal?

I usually eat an hour after Surge with no problem, so I guess it doesn’t stay in there long. Surge has become my favorite Biotest product by the way.

When I was using the home brew my appetite was killed for a least 3 hours. The surge goes down alot easier and I can generally down some whole food about an hour later. I agree with TEK; This is my favorite Biotest supplement by far.

Stay in the stomach?!? Shoot, when I was experimenting with my own home-brew, I experienced two types of “surge”. One type was after trying to swallow this stuff. Often it surged right down the drain. The other was about 10 minutes later as it “surged” or jettisoned right out the other end. Glad we got it right with the real thing.

Kudos to the guys at Biotest; Surge tastes damn good. Works, too.

Ok, I’m convinced, I’m buying some Surge. How long does a container last? And when you guys say it works, what is telling you that it works?

Coin Slot, I mean Krak…each container of Surge has 20 scoops, and serving sizes are either 2 or 3 scoops depending on bodyweight.

BTW, didn’t you say you went to a Pavel seminar? Maybe you could assist myself and Steve with the Bear program.

BTW, a good tip: DON’T pre-mix your Surge
before your workout. Instead, just fill
your shake bottle with water and bring
the Surge container with you, and mix
when ready to drink. It’s just not
as good-tasting if it sits around for a while
before drinking.

Heres my homebrew: I wanted something that had a decent taste and wasn’t too costly. 2 scoops Strawberry Designer Whey(35gms Pro.) 48gms Dextrose, 48gms Maltodextrin, 10gms Glutamine, 16oz cold water. Taste is very good, and my recovery was nearly as good as with Surge. I suppose my results would have been better with Hydrolysate as opposed to reg. Whey but I wasn’t willing to choke that shit down. Good luck, outlaw.

Okay guys, I’m a poor ass and there’s no way I can use Surge on a regular basis without becoming a pimp, so instead I finally ordered some hydro protein. I’ve never been one to worry about taste, so I’m pretty sure I’ll be able to choke the stuff down. Has anyone discovered a homemade “poor boy’s surge” that tastes not terrible? Timbo, I thought I read somewhere that you make your own concoction. Drop some hints on me bud, it would be appreciated.

i use .5 cup of whey hydro, .5 cup malto, .5 cup dextrose, 1 teaspoon of glutamine. seems to work allright. as far as the taste thing goes here is what i did. first instead of pure whey hydro i used the whey combo from protein factory (40% hydro) with vanilla flavoring. at first i thought it tasted kinda bad, then i got used to it, then it seemed to taste good. then when i ran out of that i ordered the pure whey hydro with no flavoring and it tasted bad, but was tolerable. now after using it a while i dont really mind it at all. i dont ever think i will get to the point where i find that it tastes good, but it doesnt seem nearly as bad as i thought it would be. make sure you use a blender though, it doesnt mix well in a shaker, and add lots of ice. it seems like the colder it is the less nasty it tastes.

Thanks Nic. Do you know how much pro/carbs your little concoction gives you? So, no extra flavoring at all, just protein and the carb powders? That’s exactly what I wanted to hear. I don’t like to screw around with extra ingredients.

I tried a friend’s homemade version once and had to fight not to throw up. I use Surge and gladly pay a little extra for something that tastes good. Plus, getting the proper ratios is kind of a crap shoot with the homemade method.

Hoser…‘sup, bro. You best get yo ass enrolled in pimpology 101 cause there ain’t a dayum thing that compares to Surge! These guys did a hella job, man, it’s the bizomb! Kudos, though, for hookin’ it up with some hydro. And yes, I did use it for a decent period of time, with maltodextrin and dextrose. I used (@160 lbs) 35g of my Hydro (=28g protein), 30g Dextrose and 30g Maltodextrin (=56g total carbs) and used a scale to measure it out. I also used 5g Glutamine and 5g BCAAs. I also emptied a couple packets of Equal in (the extra Phenylalanine can only help) and dumped in a whole package of Kool-Aid dry mix…that was it. Nothing really fancy…it didn’t taste great, but it got the jobby job done and if it was going to help then I was down with it. But nothing compares to Surge…simply awesome.

Day 5 of homebrew Surge. Well, I am positive I have the correct amounts of ingredients. I ordered everything from protein factory but damn, I nearly hurled from this stuff three hours AFTER my workout! This is nasty! I tried to mix Propel instead of water to get rid of that gawwwwd awful taste but it made it worse. A lot worse. I can no longer take it.
I guess I’ll order my Surge come payday. Anyone have any suggestions as to what I should do with the leftovers?

Are you supposed to sip, swallow or gulp?
Or does it matter?

Try adding some vanilla extract. Actually, a lot of vanilla extract. That will help to cover up that vomit flavor of the hydrolysate.

Mike, here’s something to try. I went a little wild on the homemade PW drink ingredients before Surge (50lb bags of malt & glucose, etc), so I have a lot to use up. What I do now is mix a 1/2 serving of Surge with a 1/2 serving of my homemade concoction (whey hydro, malto, glucose, glutamine, BCAAs, phen). The Surge tastes so good that just a 1/2 serving completely covers the less appetizing taste of the homemade ingredients in the drink.

I don’t understand the coin slot thing, I’m assuming I’m supposed to laugh. Please fill me in. Yeah I went to Pavel’s seminar and know about the Bear Program, what do you want to know? It’s pretty much low reps, 4-6 with sets around 10-20. Whatever it takes your body to almost fail. If you have specific questions, let me know.

Krak, my bad, bro. I’ll stop playin’ with ya:-) The reference: Krak=Butt Crack, therefore Butt Crack=Coin Slot, get it, got it, good:-)
Basically, Steveroni and I were discussing the Bear on another thread. If we come up with some specifics, I’ll give ya a shout. Just wanted to give ya heads up. Don’t take offense to my childish games either, buddy, I do it all in good fun.