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Homemade Strongmen Equipment...


Can anyone recomend ways to make homeaid farmer walk implements and Yokes. Fact any items that may use that can be homemaid.



maybe just use dumbells for the farmers walk?
will help that grip too.


if you have a bar you can make a yolk by attaching chains to it on collars and adding weight to the chains. 6' 5/8" chain with an smaller chain to atach it with a 100lb plate per side is fun. the swinging of the weight makes it that much harder on the core. BB


You can by sandbag kits or buy some sandbags and or use a duffle bag with sand or dirt, which ever is available, into bags inside the duffle bag. I wouldn't recommend keeping dirt in the bags for to long though.

Someone else posted a cheap way to make farmer's handles.


Check out JV Askem's tightwad farmer's walk implements (directions on how to make them) at Ontario Strongman



Found it! thanks