Homemade Strong Man

Ok… I want to create a strongman gym in my garage/backyard.

As of now, I have access to two kegs and soon, a flipping tire.

My plans:

  1. To build loading platforms and use the kegs filled with either sand or water for loading.

  2. Make a ghetto ass conans wheel. Its actually not even a wheel. But take a 5x5 pvc fencepost thats already filled with cement (weights about 190 lbs, pussy- I know) and mark a circle in my driveway to walk around, simulating a conans wheel.

  3. Tire flip. Self explanitory.

  4. A chain pull.

  5. Farmers walk.

  6. Truck push/pull. GF has a jeep liberty, brother has a GMC envoy and is hopefully getting a Ram 1500 soon, so it should work out pretty well with building up the weight as I go on.

My questions:

  1. I have a pretty good idea for a plan to build a loading platform, although if anyone has any already, they would be greatly appreciated. Also, how tall should I make them? I’m planning on building 3 to start off with, and I’m 5’8. Lastly, is there anyway I could mold some stones? I’m going to start off with the kegs, but having stones in the future would be sweet.

  2. Any ideas/improvements/advice for my ghetto ass conans wheel would be great.

  3. Whats a decent weight for a tire I’m looking for. I deadlift around 350, and can push press about 175.

  4. Anyone know where I can buy a big ass chain? Should I just buy a regular chain from home depot and attatch a bunch of cinderblocks or something heavy to it and drag that, simulating a chain drag?

  5. Does anyone have that link to the thread about how someone made his own farmers walk implements? I searched, but came up with no luck.

  6. Any ideas for the truck pull?

And lastly… any comments, advice, “you’re out of your fucking mind”'s, ideas for medleys and the such are greatly appreciated.

P.S. I’ve already read Brads thread, which is where I got my inspiration from.

  1. Good question with the height for the kegs, as I’d imagine they would be different from stone platforms: height for the latter can often be found in strongman registration pages on http://www.nastrongman.com

A word on the stones, though, don’t be a cheapass like me and make a mold. Instead, buy/rent a quality one. Make damn sure you wax it. Somehow I forgot that step and the result was, well, less than desirable.

I can’t personally recommend any sites for the stone molds, but I’m sure I could give you a link to some that look reputable if you can’t find them.

  1. Your idea sounds pretty good provided that you can get it into position without too much trouble.

  2. I’d say start out with a 500lb tire tops. I’m sure you can handle a bigger tire, but this will allow you to get the technique down and you’ll be able to use it to build up endurance later, if you wish.

  3. Don’t know of any places that sell giant chains. I’d imagine they’d be expensive as hell, as the biggest ones at Home Depot are really small. Would it not be more economical to make a sled (note that unless you’re on a hill you don’t need a center post) and drag that? Your idea would work, but I think cinderblocks weigh only 20lbs a piece, so you’d be dragging quite a few. Heh.

  4. Here’s the one you were looking for: http://www.T-Nation.com/readTopic.do?id=776288

  5. Sorry, but this is something I’ve no experience in.

Considered sandbags? Logs (if you have the dough)? Sandbags can be really cheap if you stuff a bunch of bags in duffle bag.

Good luck.

Too many questions for me to answer right now.

But check out Steve Slater’s stone molds. He makes the best ones out there. I’ve made 15 or 20 stones with them.

  1. Good idea - I’d guess high rather than low on platform. A lot easier to load something onto a lower platform than you’re used to rather than a higher one than you’re used to. 5’ or so would be good IMO.

  2. Get a loading pin and clip from Ironmind, a chain to attach them to (doesn’t need to be too fancy) and add weight. The biggest challenge of most wheels (besides being fucking heavy) is that they’ll swing back and forth; enter chain suspension.

  3. I’d say 500 as well. If you want to make the tire heavier, drill a few holes around the interior and put on some heavy bolts to put plates on as pictured in the recent article on the Air Force Academy gym. Or get a bigger tire. They’re free.

  4. I’ve looked into buying a chain - it IS unreasonably expensive unless you can get it scrap or know someone who works at a dock and will give you an old one. Good luck with that option :slight_smile: I agree that a sled is more practical. Gojira had a thread a while back about building one, or you can get one for 75$ (shipping incl) by searching for strongman sleds on Ebay.

  5. In addition to the link provided, search google for “tightwad strongman implements.” I’ve used JV’s design with success.

  6. Anything less than 10 tons won’t be difficult for anything other than GPP if you use the standard rope and harness setup. I say this seriously - saw a 114lbs woman pull a 14 tonner 50 feet. If you’re pulling backwards (moonwalk style) with just a rope attached to a bumper, a full-size pickup may work for now if you load a lot of stuff in the bed, maybe pull it up a slight incline.

I know I mention the site a lot, but the Power and Bulk has a big strongman community, you may try posting there or the Anvil as well.

Hope this helps,


My questions:

  1. Keg loading is good. I was told by some guys that they used sandbags when they didn’t have stones. You might want to go that route.

  2. You might be better off buying a steel log and then loading it and walking around zercher style. Then you could obviously also use it as the log in addition to conans wheel training.

  3. I agree with the 500lb recommendation. If you have read my advice in the past on finding an industrial tire place, these guys are more than willing to give you another tire when you’re ready to graduate. Just make sure you try it at the place, because they often are very bad at guessing the tire weight. I asked for a 700lb recently and as far as I can tell the one I got is between 925 and 975.

  4. I would get a sled and use that. Cinderblocks would have a lot of friction and catch irregularly. It would probably be tough to regulate the actual resistance you were getting.

  5. New York barbell has a nice pair for like $120 including shipping and collars. I might go that route.

  6. Yes. The only thing any of those vehicles will be good for is maybe practicing starts. Honestly you might do better with someone’s foot on the brake as pulling a firetruck or a semi, or anything else like that is just going to be a very different animal than a passenger vehicle of any kind.

I again suggest getting a sled. You can load that baby right up and tow it around. If you can’t afford a pulling harness then I have made a makeshift one out of a rockclimbing chest harness and a couple carabiners. It will run you about $40 for this type of harness/carabiners.

[quote]rrjc5488 wrote:
Ok… I want to create a strongman gym in my garage/backyard.

As of now, I have access to two kegs and soon, a flipping tire.

My plans:

  1. 48" to 60". Most local shows are 48", so I would start there. Sandbags are awesome, but the molds mentioned earlier by Machine are probably the best. Brute Strength also puts out a metal stone that can be filled with either water or concrete. I own one and swear by it, but it’s pretty expensive.

  2. Use a 2" bar for the Conan’s wheel. It’s not perfect, but you can load the hell out of it.

  3. Tire flip - 500# sounds like a good start - Talk to a construction company. Sometimes they have to pay to get rid of them, so if they can get rid of 1 or 2 for free, they’ll do it.

  4. A chain pull - If you can’t find one, get a sled.

  5. Farmers walk - NY Barbell’s are awesome - www.newyorkbarbells.com

  6. Truck push/pull - Use anything you can get. I go to the beach by my house and push/pull my 1990 Buick Century. Best I can do on a reg. basis.