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Homemade Steroids?

I had a friend about 2 years back who was competing, and he told me he was making some type of steroid at home…he said it was fairly easy to do as well…I think it was Clen but I don’t remember…is this actually true?

I’m not asking so that I can go do it, I’m just curious as to whether or not any anabolic is actually easy to make at home…

What would you consider “easy”?

someone that knows what the hell they are doing, sure its easy. Someone who doesnt know that it is even possible, wont be very easy.


Anything is possible.
yes it is possible to home brew your own gear.

simple? kind of its tedious but its not difficult if you have a good understanding of chems.

if you have no clue dont try you can hurt yourself bad.

it isnt very easy to MAKE your own steroid at all!

It is possible to take an esterified steroid in powdered form, and make it injectable an oil through a basic chemical process.

Your friend, i can only assume wasnt MAKING clen, but taking the powder and performing a process that will allow it to be suspended in a liquid base, which makes it easy to store, measure and consume if you have a powder source.

Also clenbuterol isnt a steroid… just so you know.


The Nazis isolated testosterone from the piss of something like 8000 policemen (or something like that), so NO making your own gear is not easy. Collecting that much piss would be just about the worst job in the world.

JJ is correct; people do make gear from powders at home. If a powder source is legit, then its the best way to go.

Google ‘Homebrewing + steroids’.