homemade spot-reduction brew

I just recently made my own spot-reduction liquid. It will work similarly to Yohimburn. I used glycerine, yohimbine hcl. and caffeine. I intend to rub said concoction on my abdomen for temporary dehydration of local area. Does this sound feasable?


no… certainly not.

Don’t think there is even a hint of science to support it.

Spot reduction does not work…unless it is liposuction. True that Yohimbe and Ceffeine can help to oxidize fat. But the problem with transdermal application is that these compounds need to be present in your blood for any effects to really happen. Meaning that the compounds have no direct effect upon the fat cells themselves. Even if they did the problem would still exist because the compounds would pass through your skin and directly into your blood anyhow. But it is nice to dream huh??

Insulin, when injected into the same spot, will cause localized fat reduction.

That said, I wouldn’t use insulin to spot reduce.

I created a post work out recovery super anti oxidant rub out of:

Shea butter (my mom designs cosmetics), essential clove oil and dmso. seemed to work well. Its well known that clove oil is bar far the worlds most potent anti-oxidant. W/O the shea butter the clove oil irritates your skin, burns like hell if it touches thin skin like eyes, scrotum, under arms.