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Homemade Safety Squat Bar Angles?


my budget limits me to making my own SSB...ive seen homemade versions online using just a straight bar only...i want to make one where the plates are loaded "off center" like most of the professional SSB bars out there...looking at pictures(ive never actualy seen one)...if you laid the bar empty on the floor... would the neck supports be parallel with the plate attachment points? Or is there a rough degree of difference? any help would be greatly appreciated! thanks!


It depends on how big the camber is.



thanks for the responce cseagles1694! im lookin for the basics if there is any...im converting a straight bar to a ssb...welding is not a problem...


I got one from Ralph Crepisek with 4 inches of forward offset and about 2 inches of drop if that helps at all.


perfect! thanks killerDIRK...i give it try!!


Hey Bad, if you are ever in the Sierra Nevada near Mammoth Lakes,ca give me a PM and we will crush weight at 8000 FEET ! same goes for the rest of the Nation out there ; )


how close is that to sierra city? or...truckee? im headed that way this weekend...


I am about 150 miles SOUTH of Reno, so all told about 180 miles from Truckee. Maybe a little far for you unless you are doing so vacation time ? thanks for the reply though...Altitude + Attitude + Atmosphere = Raw Power Foundry.


ya unfortunatley its a bit out of the way...thanks for the invite! it sounded cool!...whats your preffered training style? westside? bodybuilding? strongman? im a westside guy myself...i believe it has a solid base of proven efectiveness....