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Homemade Reverse Hyper

Anyone ever made one? I need one but cannot afford a real one. I was thinking of using plywood as a base and just lay it across the safety pins in my squat rack using some 2x4’s on each end to keep it from moving. I’ll probably wrap it in foam for some protection and attach some sort of handle on one side. After that, though, I’m lost. Don’t know if I should use bands or try and make some attachment to use weights. If anyone has done it or seen a homemade reverse hyper, let me know how they did it!

I put a picture in the thread following the article “Band Training for Big Gains” for using a chain to hold weights. You have to have a bolted down or weighted down power rack or it will flip over. Use U shaped bolts to hold it to the rack catchers

By the way, I don’t use the setup I showed and I DON’T condone violating any patent rights. I saw a setup like this with a chain on another site somewhere and I thought people might be interested in the technique I used to hang weight plated for various exercises.

I actually built one using a plank and 2 by 4s as a base. Then I put a steel rod through the legs. I screwed on some old crutches that I had laying around for handles. And I bought one of those loading pins from Ironmind to attach to the rod and tied a rope to it. It sounds and looks ridiculous but it works.