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homemade protein bars

Has anyone tried to make their own protein bars successfully? I made one by adding protein powder to a granola bar and it didn’t work out.I know it probably won’t be cheaper,but at least you have control on what you are eating.Any suggestions?

I first made a protein bar for one of my classes (I received an A for it). The bar wasn’t too hard to make, but it was hard to flavor and make palatably. I worked on it for over 3 months, during my spare time. It finally tasted pretty good. Making a bar from scratch is not an easy endeavor for the layperson, there are certain things you should consider first such as the exact proportions, ingredients, adverse effects, and ingredients interactions, not to mention most of the ingredients are hard to find and expensive. My advice to you; go buy pre made protein bars. I will list the ingredients in my bar below: MCT, CFM Whey Isolate, Caseinate Protein, Glutamine peptides, Flaxseed powder, Dextrose, Maltodextrin. The reason I used maltodextrin and dextrose (I.e. glucose polymers) in this bar is to spike my insulin level.

Is there a specific reason Biotest hasn’t released a meal replacement bar yet? Going through the rack at 7-11, I see a lot of overpriced MPRs with what seems to be less than ideal carb to fat ratios. If I can catch a bar with next to no carbs, its loaded with soy protein. I havn’t tried to make my own bars, but I figure it can’t be too difficult for Biotest to make a solid version of “Advanced Protein” that I can carry to school with me. Sounds like too messy of a proposition for me to undertake, so I guess the ball would be in their court for that.

It was mentioned in a recent behind the scenes, so hopefully the biotest bars will be out soon.

This was posted by bam bam a few months ago:

One thing I have just tried earlier today, is mixing 10 scoops of chocolate AP with rolled oats and water, making a really thick gloopy stodge. I spread it on a baking tray and cut it into slices and baked it for 15 minutes whilst slouching on my beanbag and licking the bowl clean. The result was a light/fluffy/crunchy dog turd that doesn’t taste half bad! Obviously though, man cannot live on AP alone, so if anyones got some creative solutions to this (real food or powder) I’d like to hear them. I’m off to wash the chocolate off my nose :o)

Protein bars have been around for several thousand years in the form of pemmican. The Native American Indians made pemmican from buffalo and it sustained them during the winter and between large buffalo hunts. Later, the fur traders basically lived on the stuff, and managed to consume over 10,000 kcals quite easily. Pemmican is a great protein and fat food source and, if properly made and stored, will last indefinitely. Basically, it’s just powdered jerky mixed with enough rendered fat to become a thick paste. It’s also common to add some dried fruit, etc. for taste. It can be formed into bars, it’s solid at room temperature, and can be stored without refrigeration. People today make pemmican from almost any meat, but I prefer buffalo as that animal’s fat is very high in healthy components like omega 3 EFA’s. You can find recipes on the Net, and it’s not too hard to make. The only drawback is that it’s expensive (especially if made from buffalo), but it’s very calorically dense and a great source of food.

I actually made some out protein powder, natural peanut butter and honey that didn’t taste too bad. I don’t remember the exact ratios that I ended up using since I went through a lot of trial and error to get the right consistency.

The following is an easy, palatable, NO BAKE recipe for protein bars that taste like Reeses peanut butter cups. Remember to store them in the fridge where they will keep nicely for up to 2 weeks. Play with the specific ratios to your own liking:
• chocolate protein powder
• peanut butter
• creatine (optional)

  1. Mix up the goop to “play dough” consistency
  2. put the goop into a baking pan
  3. refrigerate for 2 hours so it hardens
  4. slice into bars, cello wrap individually and throw them down whenever needed!