Homemade Protein Bars w/ 'Pudding Mix'?

Alot of the Protein Bar recipies I have seen call for “fat free pudding mix” but I am confused as too what type?

Sponge Pudding?


Angel Delight? (like a moouse style pudding)

I’m fairly certain they refer to Jello Instant Pudding Mix, it seems to be a staple among bodybuilding/chefs -lol


any more info on this? never heard of this… ofcourse i’ve never searched it either… do tell…

I’ve seen the same thing. I actually use all-natural applesauce, it’s a good binding agent and it’s low-cal. Of course, don’t use sweetened applesauce, it’s got HFCS so it’ll be calorically dense and your dick will rot off.

Jesus wept - who thought Protein Bars would be so hard.

I am presuming that (despite the name) that the pudding style mix is the one that you want, not the gelatin mix (cant picture it with oats tbh).

Does anyone know a UK alternative - Angel Delight is the closest one I can think of but they dont do a low fat low sugar one…