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Homemade Protein bar

Does anybody have a recipe to make a homemade protein or meal replacement bar?

Great question… Anyone have any ideas? This would work great for me, becuase I have great access to ‘clean’ ingredients.

1 cup raw oatmeal

1 1/2 cups protein powder(I used Optimum Whey)

1/4 cup natural peanut butter

1/2 cup nonfat milk powder

2 egg whites

1/3 cup water

Mix all the ingredients together except for the water.Gradually add the water as needed.This stuff is very gooey!I used a little more water.Spray a 9"x9" pan with cooking spray.Spread the mixture evenly in the pan and bake at 325 degrees for about 15 minutes.Let cool and cut into 8 bars.

Each bar has about:






Chocolate Peanut Butter Protein Bars

2 scoops of Protein powder (your choice, I like Biotest low carb grow)

Splash of vanilla

1 package of NutraSweet

4 Tablespoons of Natural Peanut Butter

4 Tablespoons of whipping Cream

1 1 oz square of unsweetened baking chocolate

2 tablespoons butter

Combine the first four ingredients in a small bowl and fold in the cream. You should come out with something that resembles peanut butter cookie dough. Press the dough into a 3 inch X 6 inch Tupperware container. Melt 2 tablespoons of butter and 1 oz of unsweetened chocolate over a low heat. After it is melted remove from heat and blend in 1 teaspoon vanilla extract, 4 tablespoons of cream, and 7 packets of NutraSweet. Pour chocolate over the top of the peanut mixture and chill for a couple of hours. Cut into 6 squares.

Nutrition Facts

Amount Per one serving (Thats one of the six squares)

Calories 217

Calories from Fat 189

Total Fat 21g

Saturated Fat 9g

Total Carbohydrate 4g

Protein 11g

I added up all the ingredients and dived by six. I love these damm things. I have one almost every night.

Great stuff Phatman! One quick question, does heating or in this case baking protein powder cause any problems with the protein?
If not, I gonna have to tell the wife to get out of the kitchen cause I’m gonna start baking!

Phatman - That is some great stuff. I’ll have to give it a shot this weekend.

To the guy that asked about heating the protein powder - don’t worry about it. Denaturing a protein is an interesting topic in theory, but doesn’t seem to hold up in the real world.

THAT WAS my concern as well. i know the protein powders are supposed to be sensitive 2 heat.

You guys are going to love the PB bars.
I use the Low carb choc grow, and now I’m addicted to them :slight_smile:

Oh and I think as far as the heating goes, I asked the same question awhile back and the answer I got was 30 grams of protein will always be 30 grams of protein it just changes how fast it takes to be absorbed into the body.

Phatman, you kick ass.

All hail Phatman.

Phatman - you should bring out a cook book, can’t wait to try them. Thanks guys for answering the heating question, don’t mind me I get a little paranoid over my food.

Phatman, these are fantastic. I can’t thank you enough for such easy recipes that even a T-moron like myself can make (I hope).

Thanks guys but I have to give the credit to my wife. I been driving her nuts with this t-dawg diet, and then I throw her for a loop when I tell her I need Carb Refeed days. Poor woman can’t plan a meal without me screwing it up. Anyways I was complaining to her about eating yogurt and cottage cheese at night and missing all the good deserts. She went online and tracked down those recipes and even makes them for me at the start of the week. She even found me some other great low carb dinners as well. I’ll pass on your gratitude to her.

Guess what I’ll be doing on Saturday.

Did anyone get a chance to try these out? Just wondering what you thought…