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Homemade Protein Bar Recipes?


Anyone got a recipe for good/healthy/high protein bars?

One more question, anyone got any idea for good snacks i can keep around the house. Iv got the nuts, fruits, veggies but anything else would be sweet. Thanks guys!


-1 scoop of chocolate Low-Carb Metabolic Drive
-1 scoop of naturally more peanut butter

Mix these then add just enough water or almond milk to make it conglomerate (~17g). You can also add oats to this if you want some carbs. I tried it with other protein and other PB, but I could never get it right.


If you search for protein cookie recipes, you should get some good ideas.


Similar to Fezzik's....

1/4 jar peanut butter (the small jars)
1-1 1/4 scoops chocolate protein powder
1-2 tsp honey

Mix together until smooth. Should have a texture like play-do, thick enough to be finger food, but still mold-able. Cheap, yummy, portable, simple.


I like this one but I add oats to it as well for some carbs.


Whats the Fat level in this?


check out Gourmet Nutrition, several bar recipes in it


is that a website or book?




I found a really good recipe awhile ago for a low-carb MRP bar. Something along the lines of a container of grass fed double cream (250 ml), 8 scoops of chocolate whey, 2 eggs and about half a cup of hot water. Blend the mixture and microwave it for 6-8 minutes until the top solidifies. Let it cool, cut it, wrap it and refrigerate. Tastes awesome, keeps for about a week.


For snacks an idea is beef jerky, also if you want you could hard boil a bunch of eggs in one go and keep them in the fridge, when you want a snack crack a couple open and your good to go!


Divide the total fat content by 4?


These bars are great and will keep for ages in an airtight container plus you can change up the ingredients to your liking!

The idea came from 'Larabars' a raw food bar

Its all about DATES!

Dates are the base of all you bars, they're the nutritious glue that holds everything together.

Heres the ingredient list for a bunch I just made:
1/3 dates
1/3 oats
1/3 walnuts

Blitz each separately then combine into a ball.
Shape into a flat square on an oiled baking tray or greaseproof parchment.
Bake for 8-10 mins at 150C or until the edges start to brown slightly.
Let it cool on a wire wrack before dividing into bars.

If your dates are a little dry just add a little water as you blitz.

These bars dont have to be cooked btw they can be left to set in the fridge but cooking really stiffens them up nice.

Throw in protein powder to increase the protein content

One rule of thumb is to keep the date content to 1/3 or over so everything will stick together. The carb content will be high but who cares when you consider the nutrient profile of each bar.

Btw my kid loves them!