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Homemade NO?

anyone have a recipe for a homemade nitric oxide?


gay secks preworkout

have a buddy hold an olympic bar horizontally for you and running backwards, ram it into your anus. if you survive your anus will try and produce as much NO as it can to push the foreign object out of your ass. when this happens inhale it all with your buddy. alternate whos turn it is to catch.

add 8 mols of fuming nitric acid (HNO3) to 3 mols of copper metal (Cu2+). stir with your finger to make sure it is dissolved completely, then breathe in the fumes. enjoy getting swole…medical bills.

[quote]Dre the Hatchet wrote:

I see what you did there…

Assuming this isn’t a troll…

Your body can generate all the nitric oxide it needs. It’s one nitrogen and one oxygen mashed together. Commercially sold vasodilators like NO-Xplode are bullshit; your body can handle vasodilation just fine on its own. It does so every time you get ready for exercise, whenever your body needs to warm up or cooldown, and whenever you need additional blood flow somewhere.

[quote]Joelsopher wrote:
anyone have a recipe for a homemade nitric oxide?[/quote]

1 part caffeine, 1 part white powder, 1 part bullshit.

you can buy straight l-arginine from gnc and stuff.

i think it’s orange flavored if i remember correctly, and like 12 bucks.

i guess you could mix that with caffiene and get homemade ‘NO’