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Homemade MD6 (Aussie Style).

OK, i know that you guys don’t like pseudoephedrine and some say that it has no positive effect on fat loss (but it’ll sure keep your nose clear :-)) but here in Oz it’s all i have to work with. I’ve been experimenting with dosages of 60mg Pseudo HCL (Sudafed to those that don’t know), 200mg caffine, 300mg Alpha Lipoic Acid and 500mg Tyrosine. Now this feels like it’s doing the job, not as good as the MD6 i used when i lived in the UK, but it’s a fair substitute. I’ve used this for the past 3-4 days so it’s too early to tell if it’s actually helping with the fat loss (with a T-dawg style diet).

What i’d like to know is if anyone else has tried psuedo and what their results were like. Also has anyone tried the dosage mentioned in one of Doug Kalmans articles, 120 mg pseudoephedrine combined with 300 mg caffeine. Sees like a fair amount of pseudo and caffine to me but i may give it a try as i seem to handle stimulants fairly well, still the large quantities worry me a bit.

Anyway, all comments appreciated.



what about synephrine/citrus aurantium (spelling???) that is legal here in Aus. Have you tried that?

I’ve tried it before and it didn’t do much for me. The supplement situation here sucks but the weather kicks arse compared to the UK :slight_smile:

There is a new zealand company called Pro soma who have a product called TYROXSYN. Some mates of mine have used it and said it was pretty good. The also have some other supplements that look good aswell.

Marv I used the products you talked about for a 3 month period and lost a shitload of fat. I went from 119kg to 83kg. ( lost a shitload of muscle as well, DB bench went from 60kg/rm for five reps to 25kg/rm )But at the time I was following a very low cal keto diet as well.
The drugs definately helped in shedding the fat fast though. I used sudafed 12 hour relief which has 120mg of pseudo. I popped one of these with my breakfast along with 200mg of caffine ( two no doze tablets )you can buy a bottle containing 100 tabs from pharmacy direct on the net, if you cant get it locally.
I took this dosage again at night.
Now the side effects. Your mouth gets so dry you would not believe it. You’re taking a mouthful of liquid every 10 to 15 mins. It takes about 1 to 2 hours to fall asleep at night no matter how exhausted you are.
And you just cannot sit still for 5 mins without bouncing your foot or doing something.

Of course at the time was taking in virtually no carbs and little overall cals. So this probably exacerbated the symptoms I experienced.

But this will give you an idea.

I’ve done the doug kalman 120mg pseudo and 300mg caffiene as I live in Australia and its a awesome pre-workout booster as good as 50mg of ephedrine. According to doug who emailed me it does have some fat loss properties but not as good as 20 mg ephedrine with 200 mg caffeine but what I do 2 days on 1 day off is take 120mg of sudafed 12 hr release with the caffeine in the morning pre workout and xenadrine-efx which I order from netrition which is legal for import into Australia at lunch and around 4-5 pm, my hunger dissappears completely and I gotten by bodyfat down to 5.5%.
You can also order ephedra raw herb stems at medicinegarden.com.au simmer 5g in water for around 10 min.s with lemon to release the ephedrine alkaloid and stack with caffeine, This protocol will take some experimentation. Hope thet helps

Thanks for the feedback guys.

Topkat, did you get any side effects from these largish dosages? I am presuming that you did 2 days on and one day off as this was pretty hard on the CNS and left you feeling shattered at the end of the day?

Marv I rotate the use to be more specific! Its been a pet project of mine to get ripped in Australia quite a challenge! Here are the details: The old T2 is legal to import in Australia so I use it say 2 or 3 weeks on and then rotate it with T2-Pro for 3-4 weeks I find the old T2 a excellent fat burner. Trust me that’s all you need to burn fat. Now lets take care of appetite suppression as T2 AND T2-Pro does nothing for appetite suppression that’s were you rotate a)120mg psuedo with the b)ephedra herb, c)home made powerdrive and d)Xenadrine-EFX. So for example day one Morning preworkout take old T2(I get a awesome preworkout boost with this alone-you’ll have to experiment what dosage suits you I personally take 2 a day max onlt one before a workout), 3gm tyrosine, 200 mg caffeine and ginkgo take Xenadrine-EFX mid day and late afternoon the PEA (phenylethylamine) the stuff in chocolate is what does the job for appetite suppression and it does work and is legal to import in Australia I hate to promote a non-Biotest product but until MD-X comes out, day 2 say leg day take your pseudo with tyrosine caffeine,ginkgo with T2 or T2-Pro what ever T2 OR T2-Pro cycle your on. Now when you take Xenadrine-EFX during the day a funny thing happens it reactivates the 12hr release psuedo effects try it, day 3 use the raw herb or just caffeine,tyrosine,ginkgo stack. Basically you have to experiment and see what suits you best with the 3 options I gave you. Good luck.