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Homemade Infimetrics for Cable Machine?

A question for those of you who are DIY minded.
I am looking to create an add on to my cable machine to perform “Infimetric” exercise .
This could potentially work on pulldowns, cable rows, biceps curls and tricep extensions.
I know some HIT trainers have done something similar before. So I would like some advice on what I would need (eg: Pully, cable, carabiners etc).
Here is an example .


Hi Mark,
You would need a carabiner from any rock climbing shop and some handles like the Angles 90.



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I am unclear as to what you are wanting to attach it to but here’s my thoughts.

Short length of chain to attach it.
Small carabiner
Small pulley
Rope and 2 small pieces of PVC for the handles

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Here ya go. If they don’t have it, you don’t need it. :joy:


It would be to a cable machine which has both a high and low pulley.
So for example I would use the low pulley for bicep curls.
My thoughts are this.
I already have a carabiner attached to the low pulley.
So I would need a single swivel pulley with a U mounting bracket , which I would attach to the carabiner. Then one of these cables (i can remove the ball next to the mounting bracket , plus 2 more carabiners.
I already have 2 pulley handles.
Thoughts ?

So in this infinimetrics thing, one arm pulls against the resistance of the other, right?

So you don’t actually need a cable machine at all. It could be mounted to an eye bolt into a stud or wall, or anything solid, right?

So all you actually need is a pulley with a cable through it and a handle on each end of the cable?


That is how I interpreted the video. Several of my 70-80 year peeps have rigged these things up in their houses. Certainly not rocket science.

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We had a thing like this when I was a kid. It hung over a doorknob then you lay down and put your feet in, then pull your foot with your hand and hand with your foot, and any combination of things.

Like anything else at the time, it got destroyed by me and my brothers trying to beat each other with it. It was just a chincy mail order thing though. If it were made of steel cables and pulleys it probably would have lasted longer.


Thanks for the replies.
I already have the cable machine so it makes sense to utilise it.
I know it isn’t complicated , but for someone like myself who is rubbish with stuff like that I wanted to make sure I was getting the right parts before ordering them.
Again, I appreciate all your replies

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The thing that occurred to me is- Do you plan on locking the weight carriage, or just throwing a few plates on it so that it doesn’t move?

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Just loading it with plates each side.
I could though dependant on the exercise load it with a light/moderate weight and do a variation called akinetics .
Once the weight stack moves into place and your arms are at midpoint , you do the same as infimetrics by working one arm against the other. But you also have to maintain constant tension to stop the weight stack moving.
More complex and difficult than infimetrics to perform , but a useful variation if practical.