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Homemade Implements


I made a few atlas stones a while back. I have a log. I’m considering building a yoke and some farmers walk handles. May also make a hussafel stone. Any ideas or input how to do it and not fuck it up? I’m a full time carpenter but I usually don’t have to account for something being dropped repeatedly with weights on it.


For a Hussafel, I just cut some 2x4s up and made a frame kinda shaped like an Africa stone. I layed it on newspaper and poured concrete into it. Before it dried, I shoved some rebar into it.


I don’t use them but I’m a carpenter by trade also. I suggest that you put some fillet in the mould internally so the stone has a champher so its easier on you when carrying it. I’d also put some rebar inside laced to shape. Ensure you keep the rebar edges 2" in from all edges. Alternatively it might be better to put fibres in the mix.


Vince’s Muscle Shop for husafell plans. I don’t know that i like the concrete ones much…

There were some great no-weld farmer’s handles on here a few months ago if you search. Or do they need to be made of wood?


Not necessarily. Just was thinking about putting handles on a couple 6x6s and putting posts at each end for plates. But I’ll search those. Thanks.


Here are the ones that I built awhile back. I haven’t used them a ton, but they have handled up to 225lbs per handle no problem.