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Homemade Grenade Balls Idea


ok so bear with me on this one as it just came to me a bit ago, lol. im sure it prob wont work but i thought id ask. so what if u took a round christmas tree ornament, filled it with cement and a tiny metal type rope on the inside of it, let it harden up completely, then crack open the ornament. voila! a perfectly round hard ball with a hole at the top to attach it to things. meh, just a thought. let the bashing begin lol.




I think the cement might bust the ornament when you're trying to fill it.


How do you hollow out a baseball?


Actually I think you could do it with a drill. Just sort of scramble the insides up with a drill and try to get all of it unraveled. It might take a while though. Would be almost perfect dimensions for a grenade ball, and you could just cut the leather outside off after the cement hardens.


Just drill a hole through a baseball, softball if you're feeling randy, and pass a rope through. Tie it off. Boom... "grenade" ball.


I guess that is simpler than using cement lol...


I did this with batting cage baseballs. Drill through then on one side drill a larger hole and countersink a washer in there. Then put an eye bolt through and a nut on the end.

Did this with baseball size and softball size. Love them...


I really like this idea.


you could also get some wooden balls from this place http://www.craftparts.com/balls-ball-knobs-wooden-wood-balls-c-277_279.html then put in a couple eye bolts screwed right into them and you are GTG. This site sells up to 5" diameter.

But yeah baseballs, soft balls, LAX balls make great stuff.

if you want to play with concrete buy a slater stone mold and make atlas stones. That's pretty bad ass.


wouldn't a racket or tennis ball be easier?


easier yes but one needs a firm object to grip on to for this to be an attachment to be comparable to a "grenade".


Haha my bad, I should had been more clear. I was meant if he still wanted to go the concrete route, a racket or tennis ball would be easier to inject with concrete, lol.


This seems to be the best way.