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Homemade Glute-Ham Raise

Made this GHR for about $60; it’s been an incredible help thus far! Also recently made a ghetto Prowler, too, but it is the GHR I’m most proud of.

My reaction…

Haha, I’ll accept that!

That’s pretty awesome, did you have some sort of tutorial for inspiration or are you just real clever?

Eh, I’m not THAT clever! There’s a YouTube video in which a guy made a “natural GHR” out of wooden box. That inspired me to take his design and try to make it more proper, and as close to the real thing as I could get. From there I’ve just tinkered with it.

I recently greatly improved the design; check it out if you wish!

Very cool.

Thank you! It was fun to make.

I’ve been looking for a good, sturdy GHR design and I think this is the one I am going to replicate.

How sturdy is the one you made? Any potential weak points in the structure that one could reinforce?

BTW you should market this. I am sure MANY home gyms would want one of these as the majority of GHR designs for the home just suck.

Thanks, I’m ripping this off and branding it “KB76er”

It’s saying the video is private & refuses to play…OP -> Did you change something, or is it just me?

Indeed, I saw the videos and lots of others only a few days ago now most say they are private, I am logged in while browsing - am a sad panda :frowning: especially with this one as his GHR piece looked very decent