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Homemade Energy Recipes


I thought it might be a good idea for people to post some inexpensive ways they have found to give them some pre-workout energy. This of course aside from the obvious, a good diet, ephedra, Spike, basically anything that costs alot of money. I know I like to use Spike with some Sobe No Fear (sugar free of course), but I am looking for some posts of less expensive possible homemade means of an extra boost. Maybe this could all help us on those days when we need a little extra boost. If nothing else post what does give you the best pre-workout energy. Thank You


sometimes i mix some instant coffee in with whey before a workout


Defininitely. I picked up that tip from Shugart. Before my morning workout I don't like to eat too heavy, so I'll make a solid choc. shake with lots of goodies and toss in two tablespoons of instant coffee, mocha flavor. Lots of energy and don't feel all bloated from having my shake plus actual cups of coffee.


Add a teaspoon of sodium bicarbonate to your stimulant, and it'll be more effective. Drinking club soda has also been used for this due to it's higher ph.


Large iced americano from starbucks, with an extra shot.

God I love stimulants.



half scoop of protein powder, half bottle of grape flavored gatorade and a cup or two of grape juice. Shake and drink before and while working out.