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Homemade Dip Bar on Rack

hows it going? I just recently purchased a powerack and dumping my gym membership. thanks to everyones input on which rack i should go with i decided on getting nybarbells powertec with the pullup bar on it.

all i need now is instructions/ diagram on how to make a dip bar to attach to the 1inch safety holes. I know there was talk about one but i cant find out how to put it together. welding is no problem just need the plans. Thanks in advance to future posters.

You said welding is no problem. I think you have all you need, then.

Take a look at the ones from NYbarbell that go on their racks in the pins would be cake to duplicate if even had elementary welding skills


Cheapest and easiest is probably just to lay a couple of dowels across the safety bars at whatever width you prefer.

The IronHorse Boris looks like an awesome design:


You should try replicating it.

Someone said they got a walker from a secondhand store and they use that for dips. I haven’t tried it myself yet.

when i said welding isnt a problem i jut need a blueprint what to buy etc. thanks for the responses they are helpful