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Homemade, Cheap Dog Treats?


Anyone make their dogs treats? I typically just go in the fridge and grab something that I'd still eat, but something that I'd have to wash my hands with after like the skin off some thighs, some veggies or carbs that got cooked under and in meat juices, etc.

My gf doesn't like that haha. Got any ideas for something we can make/bake and just grab that won't be terribly moist or oily? Not straight up carbs, tho


just cube some chicken (or steak if you really love your dog) and bake em, and let em cool....my old dog loved em


I just pick up a dog loin at the butchers and quickfry that puppy with some salt and pepper and eat it with some peanuts. Tons of protein, healthy fats and puts a yip in your step.


great advice sen say! haha


Sometimes I go to the butcher shop and get a big bag of sawed up soup bones. They have a lot of connective tissue and marrow, so the dog loves them. They're about 3.99 for a 20 lb. bag.


I sometimes go for a run in the heat here and sweat like a whore in church.

My dogs lick my head like a popsicle after that. They seem to like it.


Slap some peanut butter on your nut-sack. Then you both get a treat.


reading this and looking at your avi brought a smile to my face. ya old sack licker.


Lulz. Glad I could start your weekend in a good way Greneyes.


Guinea pig turds. My log loves that shit.....literally.