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Homemade Chains

I’m wondering what lengths of chains I should use to make my own chains. I’ve already purchased 4 10’ lengths and 2 1’ lengths to wrap around the barbell but I’m still scratching my head about the length of the smaller chain to attatch to the barbell cause I’ve seen many different lengths used.

Should it only fit around the barbell with very little or no slack, or should there be lots of distance between the barbell and the chains?

Currently I’m using very little slack. The smaller chain is pretty snug around the barbell and i’ve attatched a caribiner halfway through 2 10’ chains so there’s 5’ on either side. The chains weigh roughly 20 pounds each when fully off the ground.

Just wondering what other people are using and how it works for them. Thanks in advance for all advice.

I would say that you want a link chain that when the bar is in the bottom position of the bench press (like on your chest) there’s almost a full deload and only a few links off the heavy chain are actually off the ground.