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Homemade Board Presses


Hey guys, I'm new to the whole strength training scene. Anybody know how to make some board presses for cheap? What kind of materials would you recommend?My gym isn't hardcore, so I have to adapt and make my own stuff. If anyone can give me some advice, I'd appreciate it. Thanks.


All you need is some 2x6 lumber. Go to home depot or something and grab some from the scrap section. I just duct tape all my boards together.



go to home depot and get 1 length of 2x6 and have it cut to 12" pieces, duct tape the ones that you're going to use.


Thanks for the advice guys. I'll probably do that this weekend.


We got around 5 or 6 pieces plus 1 long piece out of 1 length of 2x6. I put two boards together permanantly with some screws. Thats the 2 board, and we can make a 3 or 4 board by ductaping them together or using rubber bands.


My God, how cheap do you really need to make them? 2x6's are only a few bucks each. It takes two 8 or 10-foot boards to make a full set from 1-board to a 5-board.

Most of your cuts will be 12-18 inches, with 5 of the boards being 6-8 inches longer than the rest to use for the handles. For example, my 5-board was made with two 16-inch boards, one 24-inch board, then two more 16-inch boards, all screwed together using 3-inch deck screws. This isn't rocket-science, guys. You can do the whole set for about $10-12.


Fill a backpack with books/weights. Put it on backwards, lay down and press!


What are you so upset about? You said the same thing everyone else did.



No I didn't.
Duct taping is a bad idea. Trying to rig up a 2 & 3 board to make a 5 board (or any other combo) is also potentially dangerous, not to mention lazy. Most boards I have seen or made are longer than 12 inches. Believe it or not, I have seen a fair number of guys miss boards that were cut too small, either they misgrooved or the holder had it too high/low. This problem is impossible to have if the boards cover from neckline to abs.
And yes, I take everything waaaaay too seriously...lol


If you're talking about taping a 5 board to yourself, then I agree its a little dangerous. But you can make a sturdy 3 or 4 board if you wrap 1 board to the 2 board, then another on top of that. I used rubber bands wrapped tight for this because we ran out of duct tape. They work just fine.


you seem to know a lot of idiots


If this "fair number" of guys missing boards is more than one, I would be amazed. I'm just thinking how egregiously you'd have to misgroove AND have the person holding be a complete douche in order to completely miss the boards.

And for the record, I have different two and three boards, but both are held together by duct tape.