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Homeless Performer!!!!

Homeless guy, BRad prowly at the apollo 2 years back

A street performance of “you’ll never find” (by Loe Rawls)

And yes, thats his real voice.


I am posting this in the “Me so Ugly” thread (where a guy whines about being ugly).

I am stoked when people transcend other people’s expectations of them.

Let me rephrase. I’m stoked when people have the courage not to let the opinions of others dictate their path. I love being surprised in this way – love seeing someone who people counted as a nobody step up and school 'em.

love the description of the first video "Showtime at the Apollo performance by a gross looking guy, but he belts out “Let’s Get It On”. The crowd loves it. " ha.

haha! I didn’t think those would ever get out…I hit a rough patch back then.

I miss my old boombox.

edit: how can Lou Rawls not make someone feel better?

I’m totally gettin a pimpin suit like this.


The most badass street performer ever who actually had a great career… He would greet you with a headbutt