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Homeless Mother Jailed for 5 Years


...for sending son to better school in wrong town.


She would have been in jail anyway most likely but wtf does this say about us?


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That's fucked up.


This is actually a fairly common occurance in NJ, especially among the illegal population. But it is the first time I heard of someone being jailed for it. A friend of ours who has been a career kindergarten teacher told us that at the start of every school year they have to go through a residence confirmation process to smoke out the non-residents.

The way administrators look at it, if you didn't pay taxes in that particular town, you're stealing the town services by falsely trying to send your kid to school there. She feels bad for the kids, because inevitably, its their lives that get disrupted.


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At least she isn't homeless anymore?


You do believe in hell, no?




It is not only stupid,

but a burden on the taxpayer. But the for profit jail system that benefits a few in terms of lucrative state contracts and political favor without fixing out socio-economic issues is another matter, yes?


This kind of stuff makes my blood boil. It's wrong on so many levels. This woman gets 5 years for a clearly non-violent crime yet George Zimmerman (still debatable), OJ, Casey Anthony are free.


Well, she's got a home now.... :slight_smile:


Well I hope the prosecutor feels great about himself after that one. Job well done, justice has been served.


History will only remember a 'win' for the DA. It's a huge problem!


Yes. Why?


That reminds me of:

Never claim that the "system is not working".

It works.

For someone.


I was joking since you went for the obviously poor taste and rather insensitive comment. It's funny pat posted the exact same thing. Humor is no doubt necessary for Catholics.


Aww, yes. My poor taste and insensitive joke was pointed towards the institutions in the story and not at all directed towards the woman. I was using the twisted logic that a politician might use to dignify these actions. My heart goes out to the widows and orphans, always.

I don't like putting women in to jail anymore than I like putting them into battle, call me a chauvinist. I especially think it is repulsive to put a mother into jail who 1) is actively taking care of a child and 2) is trying to better her child's education. Never mind it makes zero sense, if she is homeless, which district that she doesn't pay real estate tax in is she supposed to send her child? Is it the district she has her cardboard box in?


Oh brother....It is funny we posted the same thing. But I don't feel compelled to drag religion into everything so I don't see what being Catholic has to do with anything.

I know the justice system is fucked up. Casey Anthony walked and this woman got sent to prison. This is not a news flash of any great magnitude.


I thought the "she's got a home now" jokes were funny. It's just not surprising anymore what gets prosecuted and what apparently warrants jail time these days.


This lady goes to jail.

In the meantime, Jon Corzine is responsible for the theft of over $1.6 billion and will probably never see the inside of a court room, much less a jail.