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Homeland Security Seizes Domain Names


Yes, I know, fox news. But it's also being reported elsewhere.

How is this even related to Homeland Security?? This is absolute bullshit. There is no rational justification for this to be done through HS instead of other--the PROPER--law enforcement agencies.


Just the beginning.


Ya this is pretty narly stuff.



That does sound out of bounds for homeland security.

The Pres and friends better hurry up and pass a reform bill that uses the existing framework to create another bureau so that homeland security doesn't look like it is overstepping its bounds.


this is pretty stunning.

I guess the government finally found away around this pesky "due process" stuff. They can just use homeland security to take anything.


The government acting out of its bounds!??!! I'm shocked.


Look, if the government cant do whatever it wants, whenever it wants, for whatever reason it wants, without being restricted by anything ever... um. terrorism. !




Does anyone actually understand what they did? Seizing a domain name from a DNS server doesn't affect the site, or the site's server at all, it only makes it impossible to visit the site by it's registered name.

Enter the I.P. address and voila; there it is.

Either the people behind this don't understand how the internet works, or they do understand but do this anyway just for show.


It's an incremental trial balloon. Write it down.


But it is what the the USAans wanted, wan't it? They wanted Homeland Security. They wanted the Patriot Act.

These are the consequences of giving-up liberty for safety.


Yeah. And the Americans who opposed it were called traitors, terrorist supporters, cowards, and fools.

So forgive me if we're a bit bitter at this point.


Ok, fine. But how many people out there that casually surf the web do you think actually understand that? As far as they are concerned the address of the site is its "name". The vast majority of people have no idea how to do that. My parents, for instance, can surf the web and google pretty well...but they have absolutely zero idea about I.P.s. This is true for most people surfing the net these days. The fact of the matter is that this materially shuts down the site for the vast majority of people that don't happen to be techies or network admins.

Besides, the point isn't that there is a workaround, the point is that the gov't is seizing websites with no due process AND by the wrong agency.


I wish I could like a post, like facebook. QFT.



Maybe some good comes out of this.


Thieves stealing from thieves who supply other thieves.


There's a lot of truth to this, but we still want due process.


This is truly disturbing.

I never know what to think these days -- it seems that a lot of people are concerned about government abuses, but the administration doesn't seem to be responding to that sentiment. Is there any chance of actually getting a change in the political climate?


I have a hard time envisioning most Republicans using the DHS to attack a warez site, but that doesn't mean they would necessarily be that much better on stuff like this.
As far as the climate in general? The whole political scale has shifted waaaaay to the left the last 50 years. Even a white Obama was unthinkable 50 years ago and McCain would have been considered a liberal so we'll see where we go from here.