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Homeland Security Not Working


A Local County in Ohio's Sheriff & Prosecuter,say there are to many illegals coming into area ,and Homeland Security isnt working.They say in the last 2 yrs. they've had over 600 illegals in their jail from everything from rape to murder and it has cost them about a million dollars out of their budget to deal with these people and they cant afford to keep doing it.They say INS is no Help and Federal Govt needs to start doing something to keep all the illegals from coming into our country.These County Officials are all conservatives and say their trying to start a grassroots effort to get Washinton to do something about it.


Immigrants are good for this country, but our border control now is a joke:


(Kinda long, but really worth reading).




President Bush and the entire big-business community have been encouraging illegal immigration (guest worker program, etc.) because it allows them to lower wages across the board. With impotent minimum wage standards and a flood of cheap labor, all wages in service and manufacturing (what's left of it) will decrease. Or, more accurately, wages will fall even further in relation to inflation (as they have over the past 10 years or so anyway). Its not the "goddamn dirty mexicans," its the "goddamn dirty government."


The tops of both parties don't want to touch the illegal immigration from Mexico issue, for various reasons. If one party really grabbed it, it could cause a major shift in the composition of the respective bases.

If neither does, it could lead to a viable third party running a general populist platform keyed on the immigration issue.

Or they could just keep ignoring it and no one does anything. We'll see.


A guest worker program is NOT illegal immigration. Anyone under any guest worker program would have all the rights/responsibilities of an American worker including minumum wage.