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Homebrewing Safely

In my research on doing some homebrewing, I’ve been considering sterility and safety alot lately. Would working under a germicidal UV lamp alter the Test or Trenbolone in any way? Would it denature ot otherwise harm the oil to make the suspension?

I realize that may seem a little excessive, but I consider myself pretty handy with equipment and rudimentary manufacturing, so I’m willing to go the extra mile for safety.

Does anyone have any good suggestions for homebrewing set up, equipment, safe practices or anything?

You know, in the name of academic curiosity.

I wouldn’t bother Bro. Homebrewing can be very safe. The 0.45 and 0.22 micron filters used can filter out most bacterias. And whatever the filters don’t catch, the BA added should kill it.

If you are still not satisfied, then you can bake your homebrews in the oven, and give it a “quick cool” to kill anything else…

…UV lamps won’t do anything else but tan your hands LOL.

LOL@[quote]MassNutrition wrote:
…UV lamps won’t do anything else but tan your hands.[/quote]

conor I had the…I guess you could say misfortune a few years back, of seeing a quasi-vet pharmaceutical company in Mexico, make AAS and other products. What I saw would make you shiver. Simply because more people than animals use this stuff!

Just keep researching information and your “homebrew” will be more sterile than most of the stuff out there. Plus, you know it’s the real thing! Good luck!!

I never done homebrewing or anything of the sort, but I have working in research laboratories for 4 years in both a biosafety level 2 and 3 lab, so I know a thing or two about sterility. If your that concerned with sterility, you could have most metal objects autoclaved if you know a student at a college that is taken or working in a lab. Labels on the autoclaves say not for hospital use, but they are more than adequate. Just my thoughts.