Homebrewing Question

So, as my amazing cycle winds down (in PCT now) and until my next cycle (Tren/Test/Dbol) starts up (Jan09) I’m going to become an expert brewer. Starting with Test Enanth, which seems fairly simple.

There are lots of threads everywhere, and I think (although I’ll still have questions) I’ve got th gist of it - measure, mix, heat, filter. The confusion begins when I try to find consensus on the proper concentrations of BA/BB. For example, for 100ml, at 250mg/ml of test enanth, I’ve seen three different percentage ratios: 2/20; 5/15; 2/15.

Is there a standard that you guys who brew are comfortable with?

Also - I think (after LOTS LOTS LOTS of research, digging, and months of crossed fingers) I have a powder source. I WILL NOT ASK YOU FOR YOUR SOURCE - but if any vet feels comfortable enough to PM me I’d highly appreciate your thoughts on my potential source.

Best of luck.

Id be way too scared to brew, just for legal reasons.

Im no help but at least my post is a bump.

2:20 is fine for enanthate i know for a fact.

2:20 is painless, and is good for most brews.


[quote] Brook wrote:
2:20 is fine for enanthate i know for a fact.

2:20 is painless, and is good for most brews.


I am no expert but I have used 2:20 for test E, deca, and EQ. All were 250mg/ml. Oh, and I did 2:20 for prop at 125mg/ml.

I think that 5:15 would burn like a mother.

i m no vet but speak from experience, do not do 5;15 even if you read some fancy recipe somewhere. 2.20 you will have no problem…

2:20 is very universal, as it applies to many injectable brews.

2:20 works for me

2:20 works for all the batches that I have made as well. Have used that for test ranging from 200-300mg/ml and a recent tren/mast blend at 100/70mg/ml.

little off topic, but on topic too…

Altered, with Eq - as it is a liquid at room temp, is the BA needed at all?

Ahh… of course! thanks matey! :wink:

always count on you. :slight_smile:

i heard that if you make test prop with eo it doesn t hurt on injection. can anyone from experience confirm or deny this??

From the UG labs that my guy deals with all prop that is coming from them is 50% or more EO.

Im not one to get injection pain from prop however with 1.5 cc of prop and 1 cc of mast that was made only with only EO I cant even feel where I did the injection the next day.

interesting i ll have to see if the ug lab my person dewals with does the same thing…