Homebrewing Compounds

Anyone have experience with homebrewing test or any other compounds? Im planning on trying to do it in the next few months if i can get the raws. Wondering if it is as easy as ive been told.

It seems a lot more daunting than it is. It can certainly be tedious, but it is really easy to do. However, it is also easy to screw up if you aren’t paying attention.

Do you have any specific questions?

How much am i looking at for everything i need to homebrew it? seems like i can get most of the stuff i need. the raw is the only thing that im having trouble locating i had a source for raw powder but it dried up. I can still get gear though.

Without the hormones, I think it cost me about $140-150 for my initial setup. I am not sure how much detail I am allowed to go into on this forum about equipment needed, I do know that source sharing is not allowed, at all. Hormone cost is the most expensive part of getting started, and even then it isn’t too terrible if you find a decent source. Hormones vary wildly in price, depending on compound and even seller.

All my equipment was purchased through Amazon/eBay, so it is all easily available.

I understand you completely. I am already aware of what I need pretty much and I did look and saw that most of the stuff was on Amazon. I’m going to keep shopping around for the raws. That seems alot more affordable. I pay 200 for 5 bottles of test cyp. And considering that primo and anavar are generally my Go tos when I’m on cycle along with whatever else I’m choosing to run that would save me a ton of money

If you’re willing to accept the risk of buying the stuff, it is certainly a much more cost effective way of doing it.

If you have any specific questions, let me know. I am not an expert, but I have brewed quite a lot over the last year and have learned some valuable lessons

Sounds great bro have you made anything else besides test. I really would like to try primo and what about orals.

Test C/P/U, Tren A/E, Primo E, MENT, NPP/Deca, Mast P/E, bold C/U, and I’ve capped a few different orals and made liquid orals as well. It’s all personal use, I’ve just always had a “go big or go home” mentality, which is both a gift and a curse

Sounds like we have a lot in common bro. I mostly use ‘dry compounds’ myself now. Tren and decades were my Go to compounds for 10 years then in '20 I had a nasty reaction to tren hexa. It nearly killed me. I had gnarly Adema. Took 3 months for my body to return to normal… I started researching alternatives and went with primo as my Go to for my last 3 cycles. I love it. But it’s so expensive and I need 5 bottles everytime I blast. So now I’m using any combo of primo, mast, eq, var and test. I may even try winny again. But as u know var and primo get pricey and believe I have a great source. So that’s why I have been looking onto brewing my own

I have been home brewing for a minute or two. I will say that out of all the common AAS’s that the sources carry, primo is the only one that is ALWAYS sold in incriminates starting at 10 grams. The source might only sell something as small as 50 or 100 gram incriminates for everything else. Heck some only list its pricing as in 10 grams or 1 kilo. It is that expensive of a raw vs the other compounds. I really cannot fathom that the production costs that much more vs the other ones. A part of them all selling the primo starting at 10 grams it helps keep the price somewhat consistent across the sources.

I also really like tren. So I feel for you and not being able to utilize it anymore. You said you liked your primo experience and that is what is driving this homebrew exploration. Have you heard of dihydroboldenone cypionate? It is also called 1-test cypionate. You know how testosterone gets broken down into dihydrotestosterone well dhb is to boldenone aka equipoise as dht is to testosterone. Also if you remember primo is dihydroboldenone with a change for the methylation. I LOVE dhb I put it right up next to tren. They say dhb is like weak tren or strong primo. Well I have only used primo once and you have heard my opinions on tren. I would say dhb is weirdly similar to both almost like an intermediate in the sense it is in-between them in regards to experience and results. One thing unique to dhb is I swear it gives you an extra five pound visual effect within the first weeks if not week. It’s like you just all of a sudden look like you are at the end of a bad ass cycle and your lean mass is climbing up on lean mass. I actually really like mixing tren and dhb, that’s the real super sauce. When those two get together I feel like I am a walking living marble statue. I am sad you will never get to mix the two and experience it but you can find some dhb cyp raws and brew some up.

If you feel your current source sent you legit primo and it is the same source for your raws I will say setups like that tend to charge a bit more for the raws vs just a raw source. But if you are comfortable with them and have experience saying you can trust them then go ahead with them. You could always find another source for the dhb that is if you want to try it and your current source does not carry it. It is actually a good move to have two or more sources that you use. I can find no rhyme nor reason to explain why one source all of a sudden stops carrying X compound.

Your original post question was just a general call for experience that you could glean for info. I have brewed just about all of the common hormones and esters. I’m not sure what you want to be specific about in regards to the whole homebrew experience, just ask. I tend to over explain so just point me in the direction of your quandary and I’ll probably answer it and more in some way.
To directly answer your “is it as easy as they say” question, if you can follow directions then yes it is fairly easy. There are a few things you need to understand then you can find a way to cover it with your level of investment.

This had been extremely helpful. I actually just heard about dhb a few weeks ago. It’s kind of funny cause I just started blasting 12 days ago I’m running primo/eq/test c/ and var right now. Haven’t ran eq in almost 9 years figure i would try and stack it again. My b.f.% is a little higher than I’d like otherwise I would be running mast instead of e.q. I have a great source for gear that I’ve been dealing with for 5 years now my brother has been using the same source for 7. Unfortunately I can’t get the raws from them. As you know primo is expensive but that’s usually my Go to. I used to love tren hexa that was my favorite gear. I’ve thought about doing it again but I just think as I’ve gotten older my body has stopped tolerating it. I’m going to keep shopping around to try and find the raws it’s just so pricey buying 5-6 bottles of primo everytime I blast. Thanks again I’ll look into dhb too a little bit more and hopefully add it to my next stack.

I found the raws they have good reviews and for the price if seems worth the risk im going to give it a shot.