did a batch of test and left about 50ml in the beaker with cellophane covering it. it’s been sitting about a week. would this still be sterile (g2g) once filtered? or should i add a few ml of BA to it and reheat on medium heat? it’s 250ml @ 2 BA right now and 30% EO.

thanks for any input.

I’m guessing you would be fine as long as you run it through a filter. I don’t see how letting it sit for a week would change anything. I also would skip the heating step, especially if you are using a .2 filter. Adding BA shouldn’t be necessary, its purpose isn’t so much to “sterilize” as it is to “preserve sterility” (forgive the lack of more technical language).

Given the critical nature of your question, you might want to wait for confirmation from one of the board vets, though.

No need to reheat or add anything else…it is the filter that makes it sterile, not the BA.