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Ok so for the last year or two I’ve made my own tren.

This is in refrence to the metallic taste. What causes that exactly?

The reason I ask is there are a few variations of mixing I’ve tried, and it seems one produces that metallic taste and one doesn’t really.

The one the produces it is simply crushing, then dumping the pellets directly into the oil/ba mix and simmering. Then let it all settle overnight and remove the top layer and filter(syringe) to final product.

The one that does not produce the taste upon injection is crushing, dumping pellets directly into ba, then using the funnell and coffee filter into the actual oil, letting stand a few hours and filter(syringe) into final product.

I use the same kits and order from the same place everytime, so the ‘magic solution’ should be the same, yet the first method produces a metallic taste sometimes even promoting a fina cough while the second method has no taste that I’ve noticed. Also the second method seems to produce a lighter golden color then the first.

If anyone has any insight I would appreciate it.

Great insights, thanks for posting this. I would have no idea, but it should serve to help others. SInce the metallic taste seems to go with the cough, I would opt against it. I’m getting ready to make a batch using Methyl Alcohol to convert directly to tren powder. Supposedly a cleaner product.

I have also found that the deeper I inject fina the more likely I am to experience the taste and the cough. I assume this has something to do with the the speed that the causitive agent enters the blood stream.

I see Kat has been reading up. There is a conversion process that some may not be aware of that can be done with Methyl alcohol. I will not go into detail. I believe the conversion is called crystal fina or white fina. It involves turning the pellets into a raw powder and turning into an injectable.

p22. thats an intersting take. i get the cough really bad sometimes and have yet to find a way to stop it. i have used 5 types of tren and get the same with all. however, i never considered your theory. can you elaborate? how bad of a reaction do you get from tren at times?

RU12’ Bro, I have been reading up. There is lots of info on this process on the web of converting to tren powder first - very simple, very clean.

If the cough you’re speeking of instantly occurs, then isn’t that from hitting a vein and getting to the lungs via blood?

I may be off, but have read about this before somewhere.

no tito. i always aspirate properly and this happens to me quite frequently. i dont see injecting my tren solution directly into the vein as a possibility. not to mention the serious ramifications with injecting any oil based substance directly into the blood stream.