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Homebrew Troubles


I've been attempting to homebrew test prop. from synovex-h pellets. The problem is, on the step where you dissolve the pellets and filter out the binders, whenever I filter it everything gets filtered out, not just the binders.

Any suggestions or fixes?

What does everyone use to dissolve the crushed pellets in this step usually? I've kept the filters I used so most of the powder is intact. Thanks


Just to be sure. You do know that synovex pellets contain BOTH testosterone propionate AND estradiol. And if you plan on using it, you have to destroy the estradiol molecule with sodium hydroxide (or some other bases have been used).
And if you plan on just dissolving the pellets into BA/BB solution, filtering, and mixing into oil that you will be injecting estradiol. Right? You know all of this, right?

I don't know if anyone gave you any help on this (and if they did, they probably did it through pm's), but just want to let you know that converting synovex pellets is not worth the trouble, in my opinon. But work with what you have, I guess.


So I saw that you had another post with more information (haven't checked the board in a while).
I see that rainjack pointed you in the right direction as far as the correct protocol for the conversion of synovex pellets. So you should know what is going on with them.

So as far as answering your question, I have never converted the pellets. Know the procedure, but as far as your specific problems, I can't help the troublshooting. Hope someone else has pm'd you.


I was aware of this. I have an estrogen solubizer to remove the estradiol once I reach that step in the conversion. The problem is that something has gone wrong and the test/estradiol was not in solution and came out in the filter with the binders.

As far as it being worth the trouble, I have no sources, therefore I homebrew:)


You shopuld be dissolving the synovex-h pellets in Heet (methanol I believe). Yellow Heet to be exact.

When the pellets are dissolved into the Heet - you filter. YOU WANT TO HAVE THE WHITE BINDERS STAY BEHIND.

All of you hormones are in the liquid. The clearer the liquid, the easier it will be to filter through the Whatmans at the end of the conversion process.

SOunds like you are doing it correctly in the first part - you just got confused. But to be clear here - the only white stuff that you see after the pellets are dissolved is binders.


Thanks for the help guys. I believe I was just using the wrong solvent.

One more question: If I use NaOH instead of the estrogen solubilizer, I will end up with test base instead of test prop, right?


If you use the NaOH on the methanol solution of testosterone propionate and estradiol benzoate it will cleave the esters of each and form a salt with estradial. The end product would be testosterone suspension.

If you use STB (estrogen solubilizer) on the methanol solution you will cleave off the benzoate only and form a salt with estradiol. This would result in an end product of testosterone propionate.

Both NaOH and STB effectively remove estradiol from the solution, it just depends on what you want your end product to be.

If you want to get really crazy you could esterify the free testosterone after using NaOH, but you'd be better off not trying this in a home lab, or for that matter with testosterone derived from synovex.