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Homebrew Tren?

i recently ordered a finaplix kit from 2 well know sites and i was scammed both times. i can not find one site that offers any kits that is still up and running so i am going to make my own magic solution.

i did some research and i was told that the magic solution is just a combo of BA and BB. i am not sure of what amounts of each to use but this is what i am know.

i was told that when making the tren at 100mg/ml to use 3% BA and 12% BB. if i am using 1 finaplix box (2g of pellets)i would need 20ml to equal 100mg/ml. if i am using the two percentages listed above i would use .6ml BA and 2.4ml BB and then follow all the steps needed to disolve the pellets.

after the pellets are disolved in the magic solution, would i add 17ml or 20ml of oil to get 20mls at 100mg each?

Try reading the steriod section as a whole.

Theres a whole thread directly related to this topic that is written by someone who definatley knows that they are talking about.