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Homebrew Recipe


How does this recipe look.
10 carts fina
5 ml BA
25 ml BB
170 ml oil

Disolve pelets in BA & BB mixture.
Add oil
My math says it should be 100mg per ml.


Looks good, you use a kit or buy the stuff your self? 100mgs a day should give great gains, I never went over 75mgs a day and I grew like a weed. However, you sure just 5ml of ba and bb will adequatly dissolve the 10 carts of fina or are you not using them all at the same time? I don't know either way because I have never tried such little solution to dissolve the pelletts. Let me know how it goes. Good luck to you.


My new favorite method is to crush the pellets in a straw. Mix with enough oil for 50mg/ml. Shake a couple times a day for a few days. Filter with a bottle top filter, pull a vacuum and wait. Good stuff!

I think it has been said that the fillers in Fina will disolve in BA and BB. I dont want those in my body. The method I discribed acording to Bill Roberts removes the fillers when filtered.


I searched and searched for the ingredients in the dissolving solution you get when you order a kit. The BA & BB is what I was told it was made of. I was always happy using kits but the place I used to order from is long gone and the last three kits from different companies have been very poor in quality. If the pellets can be dissolved in oil only and filtered without a problem all the better. Saves the BA pain. I will be doing the ten carts all at once. I usually run it for 16 weeks at a time 100mg doses because Im already on HRT and tren has never caused ED for me. You throw in some BD OT occasionally and you keep alot of your gains.

I guess my next step is to research vaccum filtering. I always used the old syringe through a whatman method.


Has anyone here tried brewing with medium chain triglyceride oil? I read it's the thinnest oil, but that's what synthol is made out of. So does MCT oil not get absorved or something? I wouldn't want to damage my muscles.


If you wanna run a cycle of fina (and it is the best) do it right and perform a recrystallization. It's not much more work and having done both methods I can assure you I get better results and fewer sides from the recrystallization. I also like how I know exactly what the concentration of the end solution is. I've used notacow's method many times with consistently good results.