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Homebrew Questions


I am planning on converting Synovex to test prop but I have a few questions.

I have read on some sites that if you use NaOH or sodium hydroxide to remove the estrogen you will end up with test suspension, other sites say that you can end up with prop depending on the amount of NaOH you use.

Other sites say you have to use Sodium Tert-Butoxide as the estrogen solubilizer if you want to end up with prop.

I am having difficulty finding the amount of solubilizer I would need to add for a 10 cart conversion as well.

One final question, some conversion instructions add the final prop powder or crystals to oil with a BA/BB mix and some instructions add no BA/BB. Are BA and BB needed?

The kit makers that sold S type kits I had ordered from previously are no longer in business unfortunately.

Thanks in advance for any help.


Yes, they are necessary. You're best bet is to find another merchant that sells kits, or just the estrogen solubilizer.