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HomeBrew Question


someone just asked me whats the lowest possible amount of ba and bb its possible to use to make painless test cyp

ive read a few varying results but hes looking the gear to be as smooth as possible dosed at 200mg or 250mg per ml

would like to hear from people who have made a few successsful batches to see how low you can go and still keep the gear safe to use


2/15% ba/bb is what i like

2/20 is also good


Someone sent me a recipe that said you can go as low as 1/6 ba/bb and 2/8 ba/bb and the gear will be smooth as butter

i would just be worried about sterility using such low levels

2/15 sounds a bit safer indeed,is it completely painless?


everything I have ever done was painless


i'm considering homebrewing myself and i was wondering about the ratio of ba/bb as well. can the same ratio be applied to all other powders? i ask because the recipes i've seen very. for example some use both ba/bb while some use only ba.


It does depend - the BB is there to keep the powder stabl;e and dissolved - i'd put it in anyway to make sure, it harms none, and makes for a thinner liquid.

As for BA 2% has always been painless for me, but i can take a couple of ml in the biceps with minimal pain, that took a long time to achieve.

At 2% it isnt so much the BA causiung issue, it is the experience of the user in my opinion.

And yes, i believe 2/15 is fine too..