Homebrew Question

Im going to brew up some test E but this is my first time. Would it be possible to use generic vegetable oil?

More specifically soybean oil.

I personally just ordered some cottonseed oil when I bought the rest of the products needed for the brewing process.

I assume that after the oil is heated and then filtered it wont matter either way. But ill let someone else say for sure.

I too just use cottenseed oil. Its cheap and easy to get. Honestly I can’t say if soy bean oil is OK for brewing but with the availability of cottenseed why mess with questionable oils?

I just watched a ‘film’ called “Oiled Up Brazilian Butts.” That’s the shit you want…

Any type of veg oil will do. Most folks prefer soy, cottonseed or grapeseed. “Supermarket” brands are made in an industrial process that could expose you to chemicals that you prob would not want to inject, so I always go with an organic ‘cold-pressed’ or ‘expeller pressed’ (basically the same process).

Be aware that just because an oil you buy online is called ‘STERILE’, does not mean it’s been FILTERED. You can sterilize by heat alone, which kills any nasties, but leaves their carcasses in the oil. Filtering REMOVES all nasties and is my preferred method.

Thanks everyone.