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Homebrew-Q...Am I Freakin' Nuts?!?

Hi All,
To make a long story short, I’ve got a bunch of good test-e powder, but due to a mail-glitch, nothing to mix it with. I live outside the US and it will be at least 2 and possibly 3-4 weeks before a new shipment of oil, BA, filters etc will reach my door.

I’m out of stuff though and am considering the following to tide me over until then…
t-e powder heated with sesame oil from the supermarket… so the mix will be sterile, but unfiltered and without the preservative.

Will it work? Am I asking for trouble?

Thanks for your reply


Without the BA and BB - i don’t know if you will be able to keep it in solution. But being it is Test E, you have a beter shot than with any other powder.

You have to filter. No filters = no gear.

You are just asking for an infection shooting unfiltered gear, IMO.

Patience is a virtue.

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[quote]szlivky wrote:

Will it work? Am I asking for trouble?

Thanks for your reply


no, it will not work. wait for the filter, and yes you can filter shelf oil.

You may be able to kill the bacteria with the heat, but there will still be the tiny non-oil particles that will no doubt cause infection.

On another note, there was a thread a while back about using anal suppositories for gear. I think if you put some powder up your ass somehow it could work, but you’d have to be REALLY desperate.

Yeah, it felt like a bit of a dumb idea, glad i checked. Thanks a lot for all of your quick replies!!