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Homebrew Halotestin Liquid Form

Not sure if this is allowed but I’m lost on trying to find a Homebrew recipe for halotestin liquid ?

ok i spoke to a supplier and she said 5 grams of halotestin and 95cc’s of ora-plus… breakdown 100cc 10mg per cc liquid oral… any input friends ?

You have the halo raws? Don’t have an answer to your question, just curious.

yes 5 grams

I’m guessing by taking it IM it’s slightly less hepatoxic? Just got some oral halotestin in the mail but I’m still on the fence about whether or not I want to take it.

no im making it into a liquid oral suspension, you take 1cc and that equals 10 mgs. you will be fine trust me ,just dont go over 4-5 weeks. and keep it at 30-40 mgs daily, you will get strong as fudge in 4 weeks and watch your temper youll fly off the handle quick as hell
! i want to ask you a few questions…

You had a question?

Ok I finally found a source that helped me :grin: you wanna know how ?

I use another site for my home brew info. I just looked and I am willing to guess you go there too as there was a recent thread asking the same thing.
I am wondering that is if you have used before, is ora plus a more consistent medium for dosage consistency?
I have never made a oral solution for AAS, it is on the list of things to do. I have used a 50/50 mix of glycerin and alcohol (I chose 100 proof rum) to make liquid viagra. It came out fairly consistent as far as looking at it, that is after you shake the bottle every time.

Does the ora plus hold the compound that much better? Does it help keep the dosage consistent?

Just wondering because I have winny on my list to try and make an oil based injectable and if it doesn’t work out I will make the rest into an oral solution.

I’ve been using ora plus for gear for 10 year’s

Is it that much better or is it more you found what worked for you and stuck with it?

No honestly it Hit me when my daughters had to take medicine, I would crush up the pill and use the ora plus so she didn’t complain about the taste ,also on a good guy note , you can buy flavored oils to add to it so it can taste like anything you choose, strawberry, chocolate, and about any flavor you can think of :grin::grin::grin: I hope this helps you ! Example of what I do is 5 grams dbol to 95 CC’s of ora-plus and you get 50 MGS per CC

why not just cap the powder? is there a reason you want it to be in liquid form?

also, when I’ve mixed an oral powder for liquid consumption, I’ve just used high proof alcohol. it’s pretty simple, lol.