Homebrew Equip List and Brew Review

Homebrew after introduction.

  1. Introduce yourself. Include age, traning history,rough estimate of current lifting stats, previous cycle history, cycle goals, reason for wanting to use AAS if it’s a first cycle (gain, lose, pre-contest, sport specific, etc).

I am 21 I have been training for 6 years. My PR’s are Bench: 335 Squat: 500 Deadlift: 465
This will be my first cycle. I am looking to put on 20+ lbs of gains.

  1. Clearly layout a cycle proposal. Include duration of specific drugs and doses. Include specific reasons for the drug choices.

Weeks 1-6
Tren 60mg/ED

Weeks 1-8
Test Prop 75mg/ED

  1. Include ancillary drugs you will use and plans for PCT.

Nolva 40/40/20/20

Homebrew Shopping Cart:
Fina Cartridges
Syno Cartridges
(6) 100ml sterile vial
(50) 3 ml 1’ 22g
(5) Whatham .45um
Benzyl Benzoate 50ml
Wesson Oil
(100) Alcohol Prep Pad

Homebrew Gameplan(PLEASE CRITIQUE):
Step 1: Put 2.52g(60mg per day) of Fina into 100ml vial
Planned Total Volume = 42ML
Step 2: Add Wesson Oil to 37.8ML
Step 3: Use sonicator to dissolve
Step 4: Filter through Whatham
Step 5: Add 1/10th Total Volume of BenzylB, 4.2ML for total volume of 42ML
Step 6: 42 Injections of 1ML daily for 60mg/ED
4.2mlBB + 2.52gFINA + 37.8mlOIL divided into 2520 = 60mg/ml

Step 1: Put 4.2g(8 weeks 75mg per day) of Syno into 50ml vial
Planned Total Volume = 42ML
Same Steps as Fina
56 Injections of .75ML daily for 75mg/ED
4.2mlBB + 4.2gSYNO + 37.8mlOIL divided into 4200 = 100mg/ml

Can I load up my fina injection then put the syringe into another vial to load up my syno injection and do both as one injection? Will this compromise the sterility? Should I make it two separate injections instead?

I plan on rotating glutes, lats, delts. Is 1’ big enough for glutes? Is 1’ too big for delts? I am open for different site injections. I feel like lats will be the easiest.

First please critique my shopping cart. I am ready to click the checkout button just would like to make sure I’ve covered all bases.


Dont forget ADEX to use as an AI, and nolva is usually run 40/40/20/20 (per week) after cycle.

P.S. That is a heavy cycle for a 1st timer. Most people just recommend 500mgs/wk test.

I agree and I actually decided today to drop it to 500mg/wk rather than 700. 420/wk of tren and 500/wk of test sounds like a go to me. Point taken on the nolva, I wasn’t too knowledgeable about pct. I will run 40/40/20/20 unless I hear otherwise. I lost my wallet the other day so I actually have yet to put in my order on researchsupply and amazon. What do you think about my shopping cart? Anything I’m missing?

Also I am using Bill Roberts method. He is the best writer on the topic and I tried to learn everything from his writings. Just want to make sure I didn’t miss anything.