Home Workouts for Basketball

Hi, I work 8-4:30 fulltime, monday to friday. I am 18 years old, and im serious about wanting to go to school next year along with trying to work to support me and my girlfriend moving into our own apartment.

I was wondering what excercises and routines would best suit me for lack of time to lift and train due to working. One benefit of my job is the lifting and moving around, i’m constantly moving and lifting because I work in the back at Value Village (Savers, in the states)… so i feel i get somewhat of a good workout from lifting everyday…ahah. But yea, what are some good excercises i could be doing every other day and how many reps and sets. I have no weights, so body weight would be best.

Also… I am a gaurd, so i would like to get stronger, not as much real big, but just stronger and a little bigger. Please give me all your insight on having a better diet also, and any other supplements other than Whey Protein, Creatine(havent takin it in a while) and Melatonin(i take before i go to sleep).

How should i cycle my Whey protein along with the excercises and routines you’ve provided? This may take a while for u to answer all of this, but if u can help me, id REALLY appreciate it. Thanks for your time and help.

also… JJ Redick is a player ive been compared to, just my love for shootin the jumper, alot of ppl know not to leave me alone cuz ill take that and most likely hit it. So yeah, just a example of the kinda game i have, and an example for what kinda excercises and regimen i may need. I am 6’2’', 175, Medium Build, not huge, but definately not skinny. I also have low body fat, you can tell by the cut in my 6 pack. anyways, thanks again if u can help me out! i really appreciate it. Adios!

[quote]mattydimes wrote:
I am 6’2’', 175, Medium Build, not huge, but definately not skinny.[/quote]

I guess medium is the new “extra small.”

Hey, I know you said you don’t want to put too much on, but i’d seriously suggest that you add about 25-30lbs to your frame.

If you look at some of the better guards in the NBA they’re around your height but 202+ lbs.

Being cut is great, but I think you should add some mass.