Home Workout?

Hey there!

I am looking for advice on a home workout routine. This may have been discussed before, and i apologize in advance if that is the case, and if some please direct me in the right direction.

Anyways, i don’t have the means available to go to a gym everyday/other day due to the fact that my schedule is way to complicated to be able to get to the gym.

So, in short, i am looking for some advice to get my started on a workout that i could do at my house.

*I have a barbell, i think like 25 pounds, with about 100 pounds in extra weights to add on.
*No bench
*getting a pull up bar for my door
*kind of recent shattered collar bone which makes push ups hard and painful.

Thanks to all that can help or have any input what so ever.


hey 1st is the collar bone ready per doc. as for something on your ??? here my bear bones bench, swiss ball, dumbbells. this is with the hope that you have a play it agin store around you. store where they buy and sell used equipment. as your needed change sell back those buy the next.

My collar bone is mostly healed, light benching and most chest workouts will be a help, hopefully.

I dont think they have one in this area, i will def look more into it though.

Thanks, any and all info is greatly appreciated

I don’t want a “hopefully”. I want a definitely. Did you get clearance from your doctor to begin exercising at 100%? If not, what restrictions did they say? Collarbones are not something you want to screw with, since they’re in a perfect place to potentially screw with your shoulder, chest, and back exercises in the future.

Aside from that…
What is your primary goal? Building muscle, gaining strength, losing fat, preparing for sport?

Check http://www.craigslist.org for your local area to see if anyone nearby is getting rid of any equipment. I know a few people who filled a large majority of their home gyms this way.

If equipment is limited, you’ll need to get comfortable with bodyweight exercises. Depending on your shoulder/collarbone health, all variations of push-ups, pull-ups/chin-ups, squats, lunges, etc. You can find some bodyweight exercises/routines by doing a search here on T-Nation. Rosstraining.com and Trainforstrength.com also have a bunch of bodyweight info.

In short, yes, you have plenty of options available to get some kickass workouts. Get back to us with your goals, and we can figure something out.

i have gotten clearence to luft from my doc, its me, im just a little nervous about it.

As for my goals, i am looking to gain strength, and turn what fat i have on me into muscle. I feel that after i build up to a good size, i will them cut up or adjust appropriatly.

As for my size, i am not tiny, but by no means “big”. I am 5’11 and flux between 179-184. Since my motorcycle accident(which caused the collar bone injury) i have lost some muscle and have definilty gained fat in all areas, which i thought would happen considering i didnt really move for a month, and took about another 3 months to be able to get down my stairs by my self.

But yea, i feel that my goals are to gain strength which i hope will translate into size.

I really appreciate the help guys.
Thank you


You can get a good workout at home. You’ll need a lot more weights, though. Sure, you can do some single-limb lifts, but one-arm presses with a barbell aren’t something I’d suggest with your injury. Besides, there’s nothing quite like doing proper full squats and deadlifts.

Avoid anything which causes you pain around the collarbone. You can come back to it in a few weeks and see if it got better. I had a broken collarbone years ago which keeps me from doing full-range bench presses. It was never set so it’s shorter than it used to be, though, so you probably won’t have the same problem once fully healed.

As far as programs… well, if you have no bench and no squat rack you’ll have to substitute some exercises - for example floor press for bench press, barbell hack squat for back squat. But you can make good progress that way. I’d recommend a full-body program three days a week - so you’re not doing too much around your injured collarbone on any given day. I’d also stick to the 8-12 rep range until you’re sure you’re OK with the lifts.

hey there champ sorry to hear about the colar bone, thats got to hurt!

I know dislocating my knee did.
as far as a couple of good movements go, I really like pull ups, squats and dead lifts, barbel curls are good for arm’s.

you may want to look into something like the 20 reps squat program, type into a search engine 20 rep squat program or squats and milk program, I had good results with it, but I did not down the gallon of milk, instead I used non fat powder milk and lots of protein, Also done some low to med cardio.

Just something for you to think about, otherwise have a look around at some sites, I know www.bodybuilding.com has some good workout’s they also have some articals on injured body parts and diff workout’s.

Anyway I will stop boring you and everyone else.
Good luck.

I recommend you buy more equipment. My home gym, including my steel weight set, cost only about $300…less than a 1 year membership to a gym/health club, yet it has everything most people would ever need. And it all fits into a 7’x8’ area. Sturdy, compact, and inexpensive.


thanks for all the help! you all have some great ideas!

As far as equipment goes, i plan on buying a bench that has a preacher curl pad, and can incline/decline. I dont have all the room in the world, nor the money…college is $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$!

If anyone would like to help me design a routine to follow, such as a 3 or 4 a week plan i would greatly appreciate it.
In addition, i did some push ups and the collar bone felt 95%, still felt a little sketchy, but for the most part was ok.

So, yea, help with a routine is really what i need the most right now.

Thanks guys,

I have two dumbbells and a barbells for the rainy days ,literally : when it rains I workout at home :wink: