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I’m 21yrs old, 5’6", 165, and wanting to put on another 10lbs of lean muscle. I’m currently taking summer school from 8-11:30 then i go straight to work painting houses till pretty much dark. I eat as often and as much as i can. My workout is something i kind of threw together with the help of the mens health workout bible and is a mix of dumbell and body weight exercises. i’m doing a 3 day split once a week (plus extra pullups and ab work when im bored) with cardio (at most a 3 mile run) 2 or 3 days a week.

I am having alot of trouble putting on the weight i mentioned before, i havent put on any lean or otherwise. I feel like the equipment i have isnt heavy enough for me in most exercies (especially major muscle groups), but i cant fit much more in my place than n stability ball, adjustable dumbells (to about 50lbs) and a pullup bar. I’ve always been told/heard if you want to get big you have to lift big…but i dont have time to get to a gym.

Are there any books that can help me with a homework out other than the mens health one ive got? Actually has anyone heard anything about “Pavels Naked Warrior”? any equipment i should invest in? Any advice/articles to recomend?


well i havent myself read naked warrior, but from what ive read on it, it seems like just the book for you. Basically it teaches you to get strong without the use of weights.

Also, never read men’s health

I would recommed Ian King’s “Death by Bodyweight” (T-mag 11.29.02in the archives) and CT’s “McGyver Workout” issue 275 for workout suggestions in your circumstances. Either provides a full-body workout. You might also want to pay more attention to your diet if you really are eating “when you can”. Your diet is at least as important as your workouts.
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It sounds to me like your job keeps you moving a lot so you may want to cut down on the weekly running schedule. While cardio is good, it may impede you from making gains if you’re burning off everything that you’re eating.

As far as eating goes, you heard it above and you’ll hear it again. Trying to eat when you can simply won’t cut it if you’re having trouble gaining mass. You must take the time to plan and prepare meals. If you don’t have that much time pack bring shakes, beef jerky, fruit, and nuts to keep you munching all day.

The two articles mentioned above are great. Exercises I like are:

Pull ups
Towel chin ups (wrap a towel around a bar and pull up)
Isometric Deadlifts (pulling on something that doesn’t move like a low bar)
Push ups
Handstand pushups
Seated Dips
1 Leg Squat
Side Lunges
Single Leg Squat (foot on bench behind)
Wall sits
Hamstring Pushups (do a search on here for a picture)
V Sit Ups
Russian Twists
Hanging Leg Raises