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Home Workout Without Equipment?


Nice additions. They ballance it out nicely.

I started doing it with the pushups from the knees and 5 min. on the bike for the heart stuff, but it feels good and I like the mental aspect of it too.

I just ordered a set of these,
not in response to the virus but so I could do mainly rotator cuff strengthening exercises whenever I wanted. But, you can get a killer shoulder workout with these and I imagine you could keep other body parts at least toned. But, if I was confined to home training the first thing I’d get is a pull up bar. Already have a few weights and bar/dumbbells and a preacher curl bench left over from a previous home gym.


People are overthinking everything. I don’t hVe a home gym, but figure I’ll make do with a zillion pushups, a zillion pull-ups (doorway pull-up bar) and some dumbbell shoulder and arm work. If it’s not too cold out, I’ll go out in my bike or go for a run.

Two weeks AWay from A gym won’t kill anyone.



Some of us only got consistent with the gym like 3 days ago, so this is a major derail.


I might buy a kettlebell if they close the Y. But if I spent as much time at home doing pushups and pullups as I do at the gym using a barbell, I’d probably see some progress.

So, there’s strict curfew where I live, with police patrolling pretty much every corner and all the gyms are closed. I only have one resistance band and a pull up bar at home, no way to buy weights as not even Amazon is making deliveries here. Is there any routine that you guys recommend that I could do to keep my strenght?

I was under 5/3/1 with great results, but given this situation, there’s no way I can hit the weight room probably the next month or so. My main goal is overall strength.

Thanks in advance.


With the pull-up bar, you can do frenchies:

Using a pull-up bar or the bucket holds of a fingerboard (palms facing away, of course), pull up to the top position and lock off with your hands against your chest for a four-second count. Subvocalize one thousand one, one thousand two, and so on, so that you don’t cheat on the four-second lock-off. Lower yourself to the bottom, straight-armed position, and they again pull up to the top position, but this time lower yourself halfway and lock-off you’re your elbow belt at a 90-degree angle. Hold this position statically for a slow, four-second count, then lower yourself to the bottom. Pull up a third time, but this time lower yourself about two-thirds of the way (with an elbow angle of 120 degrees) to perform another static, four-second lock-off. Lower to the bottom position and you will have completed one full cycle. But don’t stop! Without hanging to rest, immediately begin a second cycle of Frenchies; that is, pulling up three more times and doing the three four-second lock-offs positions. Be sure to hold all the lock-offs for a full four-second count, despite the burning that begins to develop. Continue performing a third, fourth, and fifth cycle, if you’re able. Stop when you can no longer perform a full pull-up or hold the lock-off. Rest for five minutes before doing a second and third set. As you will discover, this exercise is gets hard fast, and doing a third or fourth cycle without cheating on the four-second lock-offs is quite difficult and grueling. Use this exercise up to two days per week.

Here’s some ab-work,


Here are some push-up variations,

Hand-stand push-ups if you can do them.

Do some mobility work (yoga)

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I’ll keep my thoughts on the number of cases, etc. to myself, because they’re moot at this juncture. Rather, I’m trying to think of strategies to keep muscle/strength losses to a minimum here. I typically do two full sprint sessions at my track per week…those can obviously stay, and should help with preserving my legs. It’s upper body I’m worried about though. I typically train heavy and low-rep and I’m concerned about losing my strength if my gym ends up closed for 3 weeks or something. Although I have wanted to set up a rack in my basement for a while…maybe this is the hint I needed.

I’ve seen so many of these threads popping up lately on other forums and this one and honestly, just go do some shit. Weights, a Barbell and dumbbells aren’t the only heavy things in the world. There are stones everywhere, buckets are you can fill with heavy things, bodyweight exercises, etc. Seriously, some of you guys act like the only way to get strong or big is being in the gym and it’s the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard of.

Do yourselves a favor and look at some of Ross Enamait’s writings and look into some home fitness blogs. At the very least do some push ups, sit ups, squats and pull ups, then go outside and run with or without carrying something.

Smartest thing to get into right now is being a quarantine trainer and telling everybody who thinks they’ll shrink by not being in a gym to go pick up heavy shit outside for 50 dollars a month.


Fortunately my gym is open for now

If my gym were to close, I’d just enjoy the time off

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To be honest I am taking some time off as well.
Will start soon, just enjoying good long sleeps and home office right now.

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You can make do with trx and resistance bands. They take up close to zero space, even if you live in a birdbox.

For example:

Check out this guy’s other videos, for back etc. Good stuff.

There are a shitload of suspension training videos out there.

If you have a doorway pullup bar and some adjustable dbs, even better.

Also, search for Ben Bruno skater squats in this site.

I see this as an opportunity to work in more unilateral exercises, bodyweight, etc. New stimulus could actually be a good thing.


Heads up to everyone, Ross Enamait’s book “Never Gymless” is on sale for $1 per his website. It’s a PDF so no shipping etc. Link is in his bio on Instagram @rosstraining.


As the UK is about to go into total lock down and I have zero gym equipment at home I was thinking of trying to replicate some volume training with body weight only exercises.

Was going to do 1 minute rest and hopefully get a good pump.

So was thinking
Monday chest - push-ups 10x 10
Biceps - curls 10 x10 (I’ll curl a wooden chair in the house)
Single leg slow calf raises 10 x 10

Tuesday legs - squats 10x 10
Single leg RDL 10 x 10
Lunges 5 x10

Shoulder press 5 x 10
Lat raises 5 x 10 (I’ll find something in the house)
Triceps dips 5 x10
Close grip push push’s 5x 10
Calves single leg 10 x 10

Inverted Row 10 x 10 (between to chairs, not sure this will work but don’t have anywhere to pull up)

Not sure how some of these will feel (intensity wise) but a good start.

So I have been doing the fierce 5 workout. With the covid 19 panic going around, I feel my gym is going to shut down in a day or so. Any good ideas on a body weight routine?

They’ve officially started shutting gyms in my town down. We had a few cases in my county reported and that’s all it took. I got few texts and a phone call yesterday from friends wanting in my garage over the next month. My state mandated school closed until April 17th. The kids are going to go crazy being out of school and literally it’s rained everyday with nothing to do except tv and video games. Which is crazy cause that’s all they want to do normally when it’s nice outside.

In any case I’m very happy to have the setup I currently have. At least can spend a couple hours out there taking my time and enjoying it instead of feeling rushed.


Hi All,

Been hitting the gym last few months and have seen some pretty decent results. Put on around 6kg and have got my big lifts up to a fairly decent level, squats 100kg, Deadlifts 120Kg and shoulder press 45kg for three sets of five.

However, with the imminent threat of quarantine lingering over us, I’m looking for a simple full body workout I can do from home which involves minimal equipment. Originally I’m thinking kettlebells and they take up no space as unfortunately i live in a small new build flat. To be honest not looking to spend loads of money either so only thinking of buying one kettle bell to begin with. Perhaps a 20kg kettlebell. Never really done any kettlebell training before so not really sure what routine or exercises will be best.

Given the circumstances I haven’t got any fixed goals I want to achieve at the moment, however, I’m looking to try and maintain my gains and either improve strength or size. I’m more worried about taking and break and stopping, losing all my gains and having to start from scratch. Doesn’t have to be kettlebells if you guys have any alternative ideas :slight_smile:

Cheers in advanced guys

My whole country is on quarantine so the gym is closed. I only have 2 fuel gallons that I filled with water to train. They weigh about 28-29 kgs. Guess I’m stuck with farmer walks and pushups for a few months🤦‍♂️

Farmer Walks are probably your best bet to maintain many muscles (upper back,traps,forearms,abs…) so find a way to do them. In addition, add some daily pushups for your pressing muscles and squat/lunge for your legs. That’s pretty much everything. If you do them daily you’ll probably maintain all your muscle mass and even add some (coupled of course with good eating).